Best apartment rowing machine for workouts at home in UK

Read our buying guide, tests, and reviews of the top 10 best rower exercise machine in UK. You’ll surely get the best apartment rowing machine for workouts at home in UK.

To work almost all your muscles at home, all year round, you are looking to buy an apartment rowing machine for workouts at home. Did you know that this is the most used fitness equipment with the elliptical trainer? Indeed, it can work up to 90% of the muscles through its movement in four phases. By cons, it is also a device whose price varies enormously from one brand to another and it is better to choose well and use well to avoid getting hurt. When it comes to maintaining your fitness or losing weight, discover all our tips for buying a quality rower and know which rower to choose for your use.
We are here to help you make the right choice, making sure that whatever it is, it will still be a choice with guaranteed quality and the best possible quality / price ratio.

Our favorite apartment rower

Concept 2 – Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

Best apartment rowing machine for workouts at home in UK
This is a high-end rowing machine, very familiar with gyms. Indeed the Concept rower is a strong and resistant rower, even though this model is one of their entry-level, ie an apartment rower, made for personal use. This is a professional quality device that will last a long time. And despite its size (it’s made for everyone, including people weighing up to 200kg), it’s easy to put away. It is foldable and equipped with wheels for the movement without making head. And to optimize your space, the storage is done vertically.
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The top 7 best home rower machine in 2018 in the UK

Here are the best row rowers according to the users. You will find mostly mid-range devices. It is also an opportunity to discover the most popular brands of the moment. If you are in a hurry to order, there is no doubt that in a few minutes this selection will allow you to make your choice.

Kettler Rower – rowing machines (LCD)

Kettler Stroker Rowing Machine review
This is one of the best rowing machines for home use in the UK with magnetic traction with magnetic resistance. It allows you to obtain a resistance regulation on 8 different levels. It is, therefore, an excellent tool even for beginners who want to start with very gentle training sessions, progressing slowly, but also for the more experienced who want to immediately obtain greater resistance. This model has a very large LCD display and easy to read even directly during training. This is a foldable model, which can therefore easily be stored away when not in use. The open dimensions are 56 x 210 x 90 cm while when closed they are 56 x 102 x 139 cm. The maximum capacity is 130 kg.
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Concept 2 – Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

Best apartment rowing machine for workouts at home in UK
Absolutely the best rower available on the market. It is worth investing in this model, especially if we consider the quality of its components and exemplary construction. Concept 2 has been used – at least once – by all those who seriously take it as it guarantees excellent and uniform performance thanks to its nickel-plated chain that can last for years.
A small flaw? Surely it is a bit cumbersome, even when it is disassembled. Difficult to fix in case you need space!

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WaterRower – Club Rowing Machine with s4 Monitor

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine With S4 Monitor
This excellent rowing machine can be used by the best professionals, but also by those who want to keep fit thanks to a constant and uniform training. The strengths of this rowing machine are numerous: excellent strength and quality of construction, the precision of the model in ensuring the exact dynamics of the real rowing. You will see, you will feel like rowing outdoors!
The only small flaw I could find is that the stickers tend to come off easily … I would say that we are quite close to perfection, do not you agree?

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Hammer Rower Cobra Rowing machine

Hammer Cobra Rower Rowing Machine
Those who are looking for a rowing machine that can perfectly simulate the actual movement of a rowing should definitely rely on this excellent model. The structure of the Cobra rowing machine is entirely made of aluminum, so as to be light and easy to move when necessary, but at the same time also very resistant. The seat is padded in order to obtain the maximum comfort possible. The resistance that this rower offers can be adjusted manually on 12 different levels and it is also possible to tilt the structure to 3 different levels in order to find the best position for training. It has a large LCD display showing the time, distance, calories burned and heart rate. It is a folding model that allows you to optimize the available space.
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V-fit Tornado Air

Best home rower machine reviews and buying guide exercise workout devices
This rower has a very solid and stable structure, which can be closed when not in use. It has an air resistance, with 12-chamber wheel made of extruded polyurethane. There is no possibility to adjust the resistance. The seat is anatomic and very comfortable and the footrests made of PVC are adjustable. It is a model that, once closed, has dimensions 120x44x75 cm: perfect therefore for those who have very little space at their disposal. The maximum capacity is 115 kg.
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Rower SportPlus

SportPlus Indoor Rower Rowing Machine Heart Rate Strap Receiver in Rowing Computer
If you are looking for a very technological rower model, this is without a doubt perfect for you. This is a model with magnetic resistance. The resistance has 8 levels of adjustment to customize your workout. The magnetic resistance and the ball bearings of the seat allow a very silent training, just what it takes when practicing physical activity between the four walls of the house. It has a tilting LCD display which allows you to keep track of the time since the start of training, the distance, the number of strokes performed in one minute, the total number of strokes and the consumption of calories. Not only that, there is also a heartbeat detector. We remind you that it is a foldable model, easily stored when not in use and that the maximum capacity that it can support is 150 kg.
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What is an apartment rower?

Cardio training is really the only way I have to evacuate my whole day. I feel as I sweat that I chase from vexation and stress.
Before embarking on such a purchase, I took advantage of a discovery offer of one month in the gym. This allowed me to discover the differences between each fitness equipment. And even the best elliptical trainer was worthless to me compared to a good rower. It’s so easy to use!
Indeed, the rower has something relaxing, simply by the position that relieves the joints. And yet up to 90% of the muscles are solicited, both in the upper and lower body. It allows a harmonious bodybuilding, a soft weight loss.
In addition, we can do even when we know nothing at all, we are not very sporty and so we start totally. Or, it is possible to choose the rower in addition to another sport, any other sport.

How to choose a rower?

Together with the Recumbent Bike, folding bike, and the treadmill, the rowing machine is one of the favorite and most purchased tools for home physical activity, both male and female and for those who use it more intensively or for those who use it lighter and less frequent. I propose to you to discover the key elements to compare the rowers and to know the best rower exercise machine for your needs and your sporting level.

The length of the device

A rower is a long fitness equipment, it can measure up to 2.5 m. Pay attention to the free space at home and the length of the chosen model. Fortunately, there are shorter models, such as BH Standford Mixed Fitness. It is only 1.50 m long.

Weight, storage

If you have the option of permanently installing it at home, this criterion is useless. If not, it is important to look at the weight of the device, if it has wheels to move it, if it can be folded, etc.

The maximum size and weight of the user

There is always a limit. In some cases, the user can weigh up to 200 kg, but sometimes this limit is much lower. Check it before placing an order. It’s the same if you measure more than 1m80, make sure you can sit on the rower.


The resistance system varies from one device to another. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The air resistance is the best known in the gym, but also the noisiest. Magnetic resistance is more prevalent in apartment rowers because it requires little maintenance and is relatively quiet. Water resistance is relatively quiet, but it is also more expensive. Finally, the hydraulic piston resistance is present in the first price models and allows a foldable model.

Programs, options

Some devices offer various options, workouts, etc. Thus the V-fit Air Tornado Rower offers six functions: calorie calculation, cadence, the total number of cycles, duration of training, etc.

Why buy an apartment rower?

Just compare the price of a subscription to a sports club at the price of a rower to find a strong argument in favor of the rower. Especially if you add the gas costs to get to the club, the time spent on site to prepare the device that you want, etc.
In addition, rower is a complete device that works very well with other sports practices. But if you’re not completely convinced, maybe you could take a look at the home bike comparison to get an idea of the other devices that exist.

What is the price of a personal rower?

The price can vary from 150 to 1200 €. For a rower at a low price, but with enough quality to follow your training, it takes from 200 to 500 €.

How to use a rower to lose weight?

The importance is the regularity. There is no need for long sessions. On the contrary, it is better to do 20 minutes every day and adapt your diet. The effects are quite fast and yet mild because all the muscles of the body are solicited.

The different types of rowers

There are two types of rowers.
The rowers with central draw are the best known, they are found everywhere and they are suitable for all. Rowing rowers, also known as Scandinavian rowers, are less common and yet more faithful to the movement that is performed in an oar. In general, the most trained people prefer the first model.

What I like

The opportunity to train regularly all year. Working up to 90% of the muscles without tiring the joints.

What I do not like

Congestion. The first prices are often difficult to store and move and even opting for a high-end model, it is always necessary to provide room for installation and storage. Especially that the ideal is to do it easily otherwise we will never do it. The weight, especially when it comes to us and it must be worn from the car to the right room of the house …


The apartment rower is a complete fitness machine. It’s easy to use, it’s effective in just 15-20 minutes a day and it’s suitable for absolutely anyone, including beginners and people with fragile joints. Finally, it has only one defect, which can be offset by a quality model. Indeed, the rower asks for space and is not always easy to put away.

What is the best apartment rowing machine for workouts at home in the UK, in your opinion? Let us know in the comments. Thank you.