Best apps for architects on sketchbook

Ideas can come anytime when you are way to home or riding a bike, anytime. So a sketchbook is needed for all architects to cover them up. But carrying a sketchbook is not that easy cause you also need pencils liner pens, markers, colors lots of. This is where a sketchbook app for mobile and tablet devices can help you.
Best apps for architects on sketchbook
Today we bring you this list of the best mobile apps for architects on sketchbook for those who work in the field of Architecture, Design and Construction; As they provide Smartphone or Tablet users with practical tools for their work.

Top 5 apps for architects on sketchbook

Paper (iOS only)

Ideas, notes, sketches … this is one of the most complete architecture applications for iPad. It is free and exclusive to Apple, and has a figure of 13 million users.
The Paper app by FiftyThree, Inc. makes all that possible to carry by your iPad. It can cover your all ideas by sketches, diagrams, illustrations or notes. Those can be shared on the internet also. Water color, marker, pens, and pencils all Medias are available in digital version in it. The company introduces a pencil stylus that can be connected to the iPad via Bluetooth. This excellent App is totally free for iOS.

Magic Plan

Making plan of existing spaces is not that much tough now if you use MagicPlan, a very simple App made for Android and iOS. You just need to point your device and the app will draw the foo plans of that space. You can edit them and render them too. It is also possible to export them as PDF, DXF or JPG and share them or save them in the cloud.
The application is for architects, interior designers, floor sellers, real estate agents and even firefighters. Very complete and simple to use, although you have to pay for each plane you want to get.

Morfolio Trace (iOS only)

Like to use tracing to layer your sketches and refine your design, you should have to love this App then. You can keep sketching over your sketches, just like real tracing paper adding and drawing. It’s a perfect app for a perfect architect.

Archisketch (iOS only)

Considered one of the best architectural applications for iPad, it has become a good tool for architects, product designers and interior designers.
Sketching in sketchbook is troublesome when the term scaling come. It’s difficult to scale the freehand drawings of your sketchbook, and it’s also difficult to design without hand drawing. Archisketch came to make this two possible. Digital drawing and sketching both can be done easily, import drawing and doodle over them is also possible. You can scale them up, rotate them and render them. You can get them free for iOS [in-app purchase for full version: $9.99]


An App of Autodesk which will help you to draw sketches and digitalize them. It allows you to draw over pictures, helps you to draw perspectives and render them as how it finally looks. You can mange all your ideas and finalize them with that. This is totally free for iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows.

And so far our particular list of architectural applications. Programs for architects that will make their work easier and more enjoyable and that will make them catch up with the new technologies, something essential in their field. The advantages are countless, speed and efficiency indisputable. And you, do you know any other app in this field? Have you used any of them? What do you think?