Best camera apps for Android | Top free camera apps in 2017

Here’s our selection of the best camera apps for Android. These top Android camera apps are free to download and have additional features that make things work a little better.

Many of us spend our lives portraying the world around us: food, animals, landscapes, sunsets, friends, etc. … All those photos that one day you see again and you get a smile without waiting for it. The bad thing is that conditions are not always the most adequate to be able to make a good portrait of the moment. That’s why we want to help you get better results with these applications for the camera of your smartphone. We present the best camera apps for Android.
Best camera apps for Android
Each Android camera app brings interesting options ranging from shooting modes to manually changing the settings of the scene as if it were a professional camera.

The 11 best Android camera apps free to download from Google Play Store in 2017

If you are looking for an alternative to the camera app that brings your Android device by default, here you will find the best alternative. However, you can also have several camera applications on your mobile and use them at the moment.

Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is a professional camera application. You can have the controls of a digital SLR camera on your smartphone. You can adjust the parameters of the camera comfortably without having to enter the configuration menu. This application does not have filters or effects but guarantees quality captures for post-processing to do on the computer. The difference between the Pro and Lite versions is the limit on the size of the photos. To unlock all the resolutions you have to acquire the Pro version. One of the top free Android camera apps in 2017. Don not miss.

Google Camera

Of course, Google has its own camera app. Most manufacturers implement their own camera application that has nothing to do with Google’s. This is the app that comes with all devices that have Android Lollipop stock. You have a minimalist design without complications and in adjustments, you will find the essentials.
The Google camera gives us a minimalist, but a neat interface. One of the aspects in which it emphasizes is the speed with which it realizes both the approach and the shutter when making the photograph. By pulling the right side of the screen you will open the gallery. But by pulling the left side of the screen you will find succulent functions to experience: Video, camera, focus effect, panorama and Photo Sphere.

Camera Zoom FX Free

Another application that you can not miss is Camera ZOOM FX. If you’re a photography buff (beyond the selfies) Camera Zoom Fx is a very good camera application. A quality post processing, a lot of effects and a careful design are some of its advantages. Apart from this, the application allows you to save the photos directly to your microSD card, another point to take into account.
With it, you can capture in RAW, manually control ISO, shutter speed or focus distance. In addition to these more technical functions, there is also space for fun and you can add filters and effects that will give a more fun to your photos.

Camera 360

This is one of the most famous apps on Google Play. It offers a very complete application that you can complete even more with several camera modes that you can install from Google Play directly in the application.
It has many possibilities. By default, it has a simple camera mode called ‘Easy Camera’. With this mode, you can take photos easy and fast. It also has other camera modes like the ‘Poster Camera’ (with charcoal drawing effects), Selfie Camera (with filters to give the perfect color to our self) and ‘Effect Camera’ with which you can choose between more of 200 filters for your photos.
On the other hand, we can say that Camera 360 is also a great social network as it has an interesting community called the world photography laboratory, where people can upload their own creative photographs.

Camera MX

Camera MX is a free app for Android that includes several added features and effects for your camera. The Camera MX app includes some features like “touch-to-focus”, zoom, GIF creation, countdown and a handful of effects, filters and overlays that allow you to adjust the shot in real time. It also includes several editing tools like contrast, balance etc. And a pretty interesting feature that allows you to go back up to 3 seconds behind the shot to get the best photo possible.


There are a lot of camera applications, but few that make as much match to the front camera as Cymera. Cymera has a large number of functions for the front camera of your mobile. It allows you to take photos in different formats, such as photomatonic type, or making a collage, mounting the photos that you take directly with the camera of the application. In addition, after taking a photo you enter directly into editing mode.

A Better Camera

A Better Camera is basically a camera application superior to the Android standard. It brings with it a series of interesting features like Best Shot, which performs a burst of photos to later select the least blurred. It’s a simple idea, but it works incredibly well.
This application is not limited to its fantastic HDR function, but also includes a post-processing to get the best out of the photo by changing just a few parameters. It has multitoma in burst to combine the images and provide a perfect shot. With this application, you can also record video and configure all your options with just slide your finger down. Other functions are timer, exposure, color effects, white balance, HDR, night and some filters to give a more personal touch.

Open Camera

The great asset of Open Camera is that it is an open source application. This means that the functionality of the application does not stop growing, since the app is in a process of continuous optimization. The number of functionalities is commendable: focus modes, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation / lock, facial detection and even the possibility to activate the photo by voice commands or sounds.

GIF Camera

Why settle for sharing series and movie GIFs when you can create your own? GIF Camera is the best choice for this. When you open the application you can record small videos that, once processed, will become GIFs to share them directly where you want. In addition, the app has a file you can throw away. You can discover more Android apps to create your own GIF here.

GEAK Camera

This is one of the applications you may have never heard of. Nevertheless, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting applications in the field of photography. The interface is very neat. It allows you to filter preview and also gives you the option to save the images in microSD expansion. In short, a complete and careful application that will undoubtedly become one of your essential Android apps.


The functions of the camera of VSCO Cam are a little sketchy, but what really highlights this app is its editing option. Thanks to its photo editor you can adjust the temperature, add grain to the image, adjust the saturation and apply a lot of filters to leave the image just as you want. It also has its own social network where you can hang your best photos and share them with your friends.One of the best camera apps for Android.

If you are looking to improve your photographic results any of the applications we have shown can be useful. However, not everything depends on the software and the sensor your skill as a photographer is essential to get good results.
What is your favorite application to take photos with your smartphone? Let us know in the comment section below. Thank you for reading.