Best DSLR Camera Bag For Hiking And Travel | DSLR Backpack Reviews 2017

One thing that unites professional and passionate photographers is the need for a large and durable DSLR camera backpack. Let’s see how to choose the best DSLR camera bag for travel and hiking and read our best DSLR backpack reviews 2017.

Camera, lenses, tripods, flashlights, spare batteries, and cables of any kind – whether you are amateur or professional, you photo kit needs space and protection. So, sooner or later, you will face the issue of choosing the best DSLR camera bag that can hold everything you need for photo outputs. Therefore, we invite you read our best DSLR backpack reviews to buy the best backpack for DSLR camera.
One thing is certain: there is no absolute best backpack. Each photographer has different needs. Some needs extra large backpacks to conveniently carry more body parts and even tripod, others give priority to light weight and compact size because they travel a lot, others need a backpack with special padding. On the market, there are models for all testes and pockets. Let’s see what are the features to consider in choosing to try to make the perfect purchase.

Why is it so important to have a good backpack for your photographic equipment?

The backpacks and bags for cameras are not just a way to store and transport your equipment in a comfortable way, but also are the main way to protect your photographic equipment when you go out. The scratches, the blows, the dust and even the thieves will be on the lookout of your camera and equipment or you decide to go out and do some photographs, that is why, the more you protect these threats, the more tranquil you can make your photos.
While you can use almost any bag, backpack or shoulder bag to carry your equipment, not all of these will guarantee the desired protection. Backpacks specially designed for photographers are usually sturdy, with cushioned compartments and even waterproof so as to ensure both comfort and safety.

Types of bags and backpacks

There are many options on the market that you can choose, according to your needs, to store, transport and protect your equipment. Before such a variety, it is important that, before going out to buy your next backpack for your SLR camera, think about what you want to give it, under what conditions (adverse weather, city photography or a studio, etc.) and in addition, the amount of equipment that you intend to put inside.
That is why, so that you can get a better idea of the options available to you, I have prepared a short summary with the main models among which you can choose, in order to achieve a balance between comfort and use:


As its name indicates, the covers are a very good option when it comes to transfer and protect your camera. Its size allows you to save the camera with lens, a memory card and some other cable, nothing else. If you are looking to carry light weight, the covers are an ideal choice. Its main advantage is the possibility to quickly draw your camera to hunt a great photograph.

Shoulder bags

This type of bags is something bigger than the covers. They will allow you not only to transport your camera, but also some other lens and its accessories. A good shoulder bag should have enough padding to protect your camera, divisions to keep your equipment organized and pockets that allow you to store the smallest material. Their shape and size may vary depending on the manufacturer but almost all have something in common: the ability to carry your equipment hanging from one of your shoulders in a practical and safe. Anyway, try not to overload it too much, since, when relaying all the weight on a single shoulder, you can get to experience fatigue and back pain if you load it over.

Backpack Bandolier

These backpacks are midway between a shoulder bag and a backpack for your SLR camera. This is an excellent way to transport your equipment. You will also have the convenience to access it as long as you need to take a picture without having to remove it from the back (it rotates easily). Unlike regular backpacks that have two “handles” or straps so you can spread the weight between both shoulders, these shoulder straps carry a single strap that will cross your chest.


Backpacks are the ideal way to move your equipment in a safe, convenient and comfortable. Its greater size with regard to the bags and shoulder bags will allow you to carry with you all the accessories that you think convenient. Although you can use almost any backpack for this purpose, those specially designed for photography, when coming quilted, with divisions and some even waterproof, will allow you to do it in a safe way. Its two straps will allow you to distribute all the weight of this on your shoulders and back. So they are ideal for long work or adventure. Its main disadvantage: if you want to take your camera or some accessory, you must remove it from the back.

Hard cases

If you have to carry a large amount of equipment, a rigid case or briefcase will be the ideal option for you. These briefcases are mostly used by professional photographers. Why? Because professional photographers have a large number of cameras and lenses they need to perform their activity. A backpack or bag does not guarantee the space and security they need to do it. Despite being the ideal way to move and protect your camera, it is usually the least used mode.

What are the most recommended brands of DSLR camera backpack?

There are so many varieties of models as well as manufacturers of these. So your choice will not be easy, especially if you consider that almost any bag and backpack can be used to convert easily for use in photography. Anyway, here is a small list of the most popular manufacturers of camera backpacks, which does not mean that they are the only ones:
1. Lowpro
2. USA Gear
4. CaseLogic
5. Vanguard
Each of the brands has a lot of different models of cases, bags and backpacks of excellent quality. So you can lean on one manufacturer or another. It is important to pay special attention to the quality of the seams, the zippers and the fabric with which they are made when checking the bag or backpack. If these appear to be poor quality or poor resistance, the best thing is that you keep looking.

How to choose the next backpack for your camera?

Now you know the different alternatives available in the market and which are the main manufacturers of these. Surely, you have already got an idea of the type of bag you need to move and protect your equipment. The time has come to make that idea come true!
Here are the aspects that you should not ignore if you want to get right in choosing your next photo backpack:

The use you are going to give it

It is important to keep in mind the type of photography practice you have decided to do. Choose a bag or backpack that best suits the situations in which you will make your photos. It is not the same as a backpack to go on adventure through a forest or mountain than another to walk the streets of a city venturing into “urban photography”. Depending on the use you are going to give, a sheath, a bag or a backpack will be of greater or lesser help. When choosing a backpack, it is important to be clear on what equipment you need to carry with you.

Equipment and accessories

As I just mentioned, it is not the same to transport a camera with a lens mounted on it, to take with you the camera, a pair of lenses, a flash, a laptop, etc. The size, weight and quantity of items that you are going to take with you are determining the type and size of bag or backpack you need to carry them.

Compartments, divisions and pockets

You should pay special attention to this aspect because the quantity and quality of divisions of your bag or backpack is what will ensure that your equipment does not move and hit inside your bag or backpack. It is very important that each compartment firmly secures each accessory and protects it from possible blows. Again, it will depend on the use you are going to give it the number of divisions and pockets that you need to occupy during use. Many backpacks and purses allow the use of Velcro to adapt the different divisions to the size and shape of the lenses or accessories you want to carry with you. The thicker and padded they are, the better protected they will be.

The weight of the backpack

This is another aspect that you can not ignore since, to the weight of all the equipment that you carry with you, you must add the own weight of the backpack or bag that you carry with you. Contrary to what it may seem, photographic backpacks can become very heavy on their own as the materials with which they are made add a lot of extra weight. Your back and shoulders will be grateful that you keep them in mind at the time of your choice.


The easier it is to open them, the greater the chances that something will fall or be stolen from them and even more, if it is a backpack where you do not always have your load in view. Inside your backpack you will carry very expensive equipment so, try not to be too flashy. Being cautious is never too much, so I recommend that, in addition to paying attention to these aspects that I just told you, read the following article: “Tips to Prevent Theft of Your Camera.”


The more you find yourself at the time of making your photographs, the better the results you achieve with these so you must ensure that the backpack you choose, is not a hindrance. Finding a comfortable, lightweight, sturdy and safe backpack is very difficult, but finding a balance between all these characteristics is not so much. It will only be enough that you do a good analysis beforehand of the use you are going to give, to define the type of bag or backpack that best suits it.

Resistance and durability

As I said before, the last thing you want is that while you take a photographic walk, a strap or zipper will break and all your equipment will end up hitting the ground or if it rains, your camera will get wet. That is why the strength and durability of the materials with which they are made, the quality of the zippers and seams, etc., are fundamental to prevent your camera, targets and accessories from being ruined. Keep in mind that there are backpacks designed to go adventures that are more resistant and waterproof than those that were designed for a more daily use and less extreme. Again, everything ends depending on the use you are going to give.


While fashion is completely secondary to choosing a backpack that accompanies you in all your photographic adventures, it may be more important for you. If you are one of those people, do not worry because there are endless designs for you to choose. In addition, with a little imagination and style you can easily build your own. How? Reading the following article: “Brico Photography: How to Mount Home Photo Accessories”.

The price

All the aspects you just read are conditioned by the latter: the price. The best way to save money when buying a bag or a backpack is to analyze well what will be the use that you are going to give so as not to pay for benefits that you would never end up using. If you do not plan on leaving for adventure, it does not make sense to spend a bundle in a bag for this purpose. Now, once you have defined this aspect, try not to skimp on expenses. The cost of a quality backpack is more an investment, safety for your equipment and quality for your photographs as it will allow you to work more comfortable and relaxed.

The best backpack to keep safe and protect your reflex camera

The camera bags vary from brand, price and color; however, the most important thing is to find one that actually protects your equipment and that fits your budget. Below we mention the best rucksacks for SLR cameras with best reference among buyers and that represent a good option for its price-quality ratio.

VANGUARD ADAPTOR 41 Camera Daypack

Best DSLR Camera Bag For Hiking And Travel camera daypack
If you really want to buy the best backpack for reflex camera of the moment, the model Vanguard Adapter 41 is for you. This backpack has an easy access, thought for both left and right, keeping the content of thieves protected to its closed design.
In its interior we find a space cushioned and compartmentalized with space for both the camera and its lenses and other accessories. As an option you can add a space for your laptop, if you wish, while the tripod is placed in an outer buckle.
To keep the comfort the back of the backpack is padded in a comfortable and breathable material, and can also convert the backpack into a shoulder strap format by just making a turn on one of its straps. Strips that by their padding also distribute the weight adequately to facilitate the transfer of your equipment.


Holds DSLR with Attached Lens,Extra Lens
Holds Flash, Accessories
Easily Converts to Sling Pack
Zippered/Buckled Top Compartment
Access to Gear From Left or Right Side
Zippered Accessory Pockets
Tripod Holder
Customizable Interior Dividers
Adjustable Backpack Straps/Carry Handle


Doesn’t have a built-in liquor cabinet.

Discover more and the price here

BESTEK Waterproof Canvas DSLR Camera Bag

Best daypack camera backpack for your reflex dslr camera
Its great capacity is its greatest strength. The case has room for a SLR camera, a lens, an iPad or mini laptop and other accessories. The dimensions are 27 x 16 x 25 cm.
The design is a classic brown shoulder bag with comfortable compartments inside. It is made of waterproof and durable canvas, is fully padded, so your equipment will be safe and cushioned before any blow.
It has an inside pocket to support larger computers or other objects like books, laptops, telephones and more. The exterior front compartment is perfect for carrying smaller objects which will be retained with a closure and in the same way, also has a removable compartment where you take your valued camera with the lens.


It is convenient during travel.
You can bring extra things to part of your camera.
It is versatile.
It has good size.
Made with quality materials.
It is waterproof.
It has multiple uses.


The backpack might be a bit heavy.
Discover more and the price here

Caden Professional Waterproof Camera Bag

DSLR Backpack Reviews daypack for reflex camera
It has a nice design, perfect for use with Nikon, Sony, Canon or any mid-range SLR camera with its accessories.
This camera bag is made with durable Oxford fabrics and Microfiber with high density and soft to touch, which makes it resistant to prevent the equipment from feeling shock or movements that could affect it. It is waterproof and durable, Moisture-proof. You can easily clean and wash this DSLR backpack. Also comes with a rain cover to protect the whole camera bag from the heavy rain, sand and dust.
The backpack is to carry on the shoulder, and your strap is adjusted according to your needs. The main compartment is segmented by removable pads, which when removed you will have a larger space to carry what you need and you can use the backpack as a casual bag.


The model is versatile.
It has an attractive and compact design.
The materials are of excellent quality.


The straps are a little hard to open
Discover more and the price here

USA Gear Professional Camera Backpack

Professional Camera Backpack DSLR Photo Bag with Comfort Strap Design
If you are looking for a really functional camera backpack model, the Gear backpack is what you are looking for. We speak of a product with a completely modular design. You can find a dedicated pocket to protect your camera, a top to store larger accessories, a buckle to place the tripod and a pocket smaller to save your cards and other means of work.
This design is customizable so you can adjust the space as you prefer. It is a waterproof case that can protect your equipment from the inclement weather.
The set has two handles to carry on the back, very comfortable and adjustable. Also has a padded back that improves the sensations when loading it. With so much to choose from it is not strange that this model is considered as the best backpack for reflex camera.


Very large and comfortable to wear
Perfect for professional use
Three years warranty


Improved space organization
Discover more and the price here

Case Logic CPL-107GY Camera Sling for DSLR

Best Camera Sling for DSLR
It is a backpack with strap type that adjusts to the size you need or if you prefer you can hold it by its comfortable handle that will fit perfectly to your hand. The main section is divided to separate the camera from the other accessories; Likewise, inside has small pockets to save memories or smaller components and additionally has three external compartments in which you can save some additional equipment. Its compact size makes it easy to move and locate in spaces during trips. However, it is sufficient to carry photographic equipment along with cables, batteries, lenses and more.


Its size is small and portable.
It is a recommended product.
It has good quality.
You will have order when saving your photo set.
The case is lightweight.


If your camera is too large, the size of the case will probably not be enough.
Discover more and the price here

Lowepro Photo Hatchback

Lowepro Photo Hatchback review
If you know a little about products and backpacks to carry different electronic devices, you will know the brand Lowepro. It is one of the most recognized and prestigious brands in the market. Here we find one of their best teams, the LP36433-PWW. We speak of a backpack with a little more space, since this one is available in 16 and also in 22L. It also has a compartment in the back to store there the camera along with 2 or 3 more accessories. Also, it allows you to store clothes, food and other devices in the main section.
On the other hand, the backpack has a cover to protect it from rain, a key chain for safety and a small pocket on each side to store a tripod or other object of interest. At Amazon it is available in three colors: blue galaxy, slate gray and red pepper.


Removable camera box
Large tablet pocket
Weatherproof cover


Waist strap thin
Discover more and the price here

AmazonBasics DSLR and Laptop Backpack

best DSLR and Laptop Backpack with pros and cons
Within the range of cheap and quality proposals from Amazon, this backpack model may be a good option to take your camera.
Its design is simple and in fact is confused with that of a traditional backpack, but when you open the lid we find a compartmentalized and padded space where you have a gap for each lens, body and element you need to carry. The backpack is made of durable nylon, which in addition to protecting your equipment ensures a long life at your side with an excellent look.
The access with a single zipper makes it easier to see at a glance your equipment without having to search in innumerable pockets. And thanks to its padded handles you can carry it both in shoulder strap and in traditional backpack, depending on what you prefer at any time.


The materials are of good quality.
It has a modern design.
The size of the belt is long.
The finish is good.
It’s a comfortable backpack.


The strap may not be flexible when used.
Discover more and the price here

Manfrotto MB MA-BP-TL Advanced Tri Backpack

Best DSLR Camera Bag For Hiking And Travel DSLR Backpack Reviews
Among the strengths of this backpack there is no doubt versatility. First of all, you can use as a backpack or as a single shoulder, even for left-handers. It also offers the maximum freedom to organize the interior space through practical dividers.
It can contain, for example, a reflex with mounted lens, three additional lenses, a flash, and any accessories such as chargers, cables, and memory cards. And yet, an 11 “tablet to put in the special padded compartment besides the various personal effects. It also has an optional connection to attach a tripod externally.
Water repellent, has a special coating applied to the fabric that keeps it moisture resistant. The rain cover included protects it from adverse weather conditions.


The rucksack turns into single-sided, even for left-handers
Highly customizable internal subdivision
It has a practical rain cover


There is no outside pocket
Discover more and the price here


Here, we have left 8 good options for storing the camera and its accessories. According to the budget, you can choose good options, so you do not have to have half a fortnight available to purchase any of these.
I hope today’s article has been helpful to you. If so, do not forget to share it on social networks and recommend it to your friends and colleagues.
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