Best electric bike UK and USA | top rated electric bicycle reviews

Read our top-rated electric bicycle reviews to have the best electric bike in UK and USA. This electric bicycle buying guide will surely help you find the best value electric bike in 2017 – 2018.

If you are looking for an electric bike, you should be acknowledged that spending highly on a bike is definitely a worthwhile investment. If you have no plan to do more manual pedaling rather than cruising, you will then need a bike with adequate power & strength. Some bikes of this type have lower watt motors ranging from 250 to 300 while other bikes offer a boost with 500 watts or more. Another remarkable fact is that electric bikes have appeared with several features like lights, a water bottle cage & above all a rear rack. This list includes a variety of electric bikes, including ones designed for off-road adventures and easily portable folding bikes. Therefore, we invite you to read our reviews of the best value electric bike. You will surely find the best electric bike available, especially, in the UK and USA market.

Best value electric bike available is UK and USA – reviews and buying guides 2017

Pedego City Commuter Classic

Pedego City Commuter Classic review with pros and cons
We start our comparison of the best bicycle electric with Pedego City Commuter Classic that best combines good performance and quality. If you are wondering which electric bicycle to buy and have a weakness in steel blue color, you have an extra reason to choose this. It is also available in black color. This is one of the best selling electric bikes in the USA.
The bike allows you to move smoothly on all surfaces thanks to ultra-comfortable tires of large section and to travel at any time of day and night, as it is equipped with powerful LED lights. Also has LCD display with USB charging port for your phone and other devices.
Its battery is light enough not to overload the medium and still offers great performance, allowing those who ride the bicycle to enjoy an assisted pedal for many miles.


Pedal assist and a throttle option with no pedaling required.
Well chosen component selection: Shimano, Avid, etc.
Avid disc brakes stop well, even in wet weather.
Quick acceleration from a standstill.
Classic white stallion styling.
Fenders that really keep you dry.
Integrated front and rear lights.
Schwalbe Fat Frank tires give comfort and security.


Pedelec system can be less intuitive than simply riding a bike, for some riders.
Full-wrap chain guard makes getting a dropped chain back on the chainring more difficult.
Rack is strong, but tubing diameter is wider than some stock pannier quick-release fittings.
The geared rear hub motor is a bit noisy.
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GoCycle G3 Electric folding bike

GoCycle G3 Electric folding bike
The ultimate in practicality. The GoCycle G3 is the bike to consider if you’re a bit of a gadget nerd. The folding chassis combines the assisted pedal and a weight of 16 kg, with the magnesium frame, which makes it easy to transport on public transport. An “urban assault” bike that, thanks to the lithium battery, assures an autonomy of 60 km at each charging. The display integrated into the dashboard along the handlebar provides information on speed, gear selection, and battery charge status. You can also use your smartphone to customize the power. The most unique feature that is rare, the chain is concealed so that it does not dirty your trousers, and the gearbox is of an automatic electronic type; operated with the touch of a button.


Great design
Light and easy to pack down
Very comfortable riding experience
Clean running
Great for commuting long distances without charging.


Display is poor
Range is average

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X-Treme Scooters Men’s Lithium Electric Powered Mountain Bike

Best electric bike UK USA 2017 2018
Now you have a great opportunity for taking to the trails or making your way across the town with X-Treme Scooters Men’s Lithium Electric Powered Mountain Bike. The lithium bike runs on a 300 watt rear hub motor & features latest tier apparatus e.g. a Shimano shifter system & a full aluminum alloy frame. Its other salient features include entirely adjustable seat & seven speeds. Then you can just simply start up the bike by using its key start. Furthermore, you can take full control of this lithium bike with its variable speed control twist throttle. You can get as well as ride this bike according to your want & choice i.e. you can ride this bike exclusively powered by the motor, pedaled & power assisted or even simply pedaled.


This bike possesses 300 watt rear hub motor;
It facilitates its bikers with its Shimano shifter system;
Its frame is wholly made of aluminum alloy frame.


The assembly instructions are comparatively poor;
This bike is heavier than the other bikes available;
Its tire tubes are cheap & so of under-quality.

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Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike with Lithium-Ion Battery

top rated electric bicycle reviews
This lithium-ion battery bike has arrived with a range of up to 30 miles per charge. To give bonus advantages, this bike also operates on three individual models. Then you can ride this bike on the roads of your locality without any anxiety regarding to damage of the frame especially on rougher surfaces for this bike possesses long-lasting mountain bike frame. The salient features of this lithium-ion bike enlists a 17-inch mountain bike frame that fits for most of the riders having height of between 5’2″ & 6’2″ and a comfortable seat of adjustable height. Its wheels are quite outfitted having sturdy spokes made of stainless steel & offer equal strength for each part & longevity. You can even hop for riding up to 27 miles in favorable conditions because this lithium-ion bike contains neither wind & flat terrain nor advanced recharge. This bike has appeared with seven-speed Shimano gears together with front & rear mudguards, a water bottle holder, a bell & reflectors.


The range of this bike is up to 30 miles;
Its frame is effective enough for riders having height of 5’2″ & 6’2″;
This bike possesses seven-speed Shimano gears.


This bike seems to be underpowered on steeper hills;
Subpar manual directions;
Comparatively heavy especially during manual pedaling.

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Watseka XP Cargo-Electric Bicycle-26″-6 speed-Adult/Young Adult

best value electric bike in 2017 2018 uk usa
You may be befooled by the apparently gorgeous outlook of Watseka XP Cargo-Electric Bicycle as this bike has access to reach speeds of up to 14 miles an hour. It has also an average capability of 16 to 18-mile range. Its easy-shift six-speed Shimano gear set give the assurance of smooth & even shifting according to your necessity. Moreover, its 250 watt motor & removable battery pack ensure a great deal of power. This neutral (regarding gender) specific electric commuter & cargo bike has arrived with a step-through, low-step frame design for added convenience. It also contains a selectable pedal assist & a varied speed throttle. Its easy-tilt seat, as well as the design, has improved fast battery removal. This bike has arrived with a front & rear light, horn, bell, rear cargo rack & a front basket.


This bike is capable of reaching speeds up to 14 miles an hour;
Easy-shift six-speed Shimano gear set;
It possesses 250 watt motor.


It is comparatively difficult to change a flat rear tire;
Its assembly instructions seem to be better;
There is a difficulty with this bike regarding to fitting into some cars.

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2015 e-JOE Epik Sport Edition SE Folding Electric Bike

Best electric bike UK and USA top rated electric bicycle reviews
If you are in need of an electric bike along with a robust motor, the 2015 EPIK SE can be an appreciated bike for you to fulfill this offer. Besides its so much powerful motor of 350 watt, this bike has also arrived with a seven-speed transmission system. Consequently, this electric bike can easily as well as smoothly climb steeper hills with great success. This commuter bike also possesses puncture-resistant tires as well as a handy LED display along with a three level pedal assist. Moreover, its thumb throttle controlling system will provide you with a fast & more competent way for changing gears. Furthermore, both folding & storing the bike is comparatively easy because of its easily foldable frame made of aluminum alloy. Another salient merit of this bike is its covering a potential range of up to 30 miles.


Its motor is so powerful having 350 watt;
This bike covers a range up to 30 miles.
Its tires are puncture-resistant.


This bike is comparatively costly;
Its assembly may be much tricky;
The bike is comparatively heavy.

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Prodeco V3 Phantom X2 8 Speed Folding Electric Bicycle

Top 5 Best Affordable Electric Bikes 2017
This Prodeco V3 Phantom X2 8 Speed Folding Electric bike belongs to the most powerful folding electric bikes & is now quite available in the market. This Prodeco bike deserve to special thanks for its sturdy rear direct drive 500 watt motor that is capable of peaking at 720 watts. The bike has been specially equipped with eight-speed SRAM mid derailleur & shifter. Its highly efficient 38-volt battery covers maximum range of 38 miles before your necessity of recharging it. Now, you can easily have an expertise upon the bike to reach speeds of up to even 20 miles an hour. Its continental traffic tires give the surety of a great deal of traction & even grip upon slippery road surfaces. You had better pedal this bike as like as a traditional bike for some exercise or give the throttle a half-twist for taking off.


This bike has 500 watt motor;
This bike covers a maximum range of 38 miles;
Its components are of high-end.


This bike does not have any room for a rear rack;
It may take some time to fold;
Its upper part is quite heavy.

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What is an e-bike?

To make it simple, an electric bicycle is a bike that can provide extra power when pedals. Most e-bikes lack the accelerator and do not think they will assist you during a walk, so you leave the idea of jumping off the hills without pedaling a bit. Electric bikes are usually made with specific paintings and components built to handle the stress derived from overly heavy and powerful propulsion units.
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Electric bicycle against a normal bicycle

So how are they comparable? Well, first of all, an e-bike is heavier, more expensive and more complex than a regular push bike. This may be a problem if you download the battery far from home or you need to raise it for some reason, as it often weighs more than 15kg. This means that you will do a lot of effort to push it over a hill without an electrical support.
Do you want to repair it? Components are more expensive than regular bicycle spare parts, and bicycle shops will not be able to help you if the battery or engine concerns you – which means returning to the store where you bought it or hoping otherwise to find a nearby seller, willing to help you and ask for help with a warranty claim.
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How Fast Can an Electric Bicycle Run?

We’re sorry to disappoint you, but you will not be able to break the sound barrier. In the UK, e-bikes have a limited speed by law, reaching up to 15mph (24kph). For other cities in the EU and Australia, the limit is more or less the same, 25kph (16mph).
In the US, the maximum speed depends on the state you are in and their classification. Idaho, for example, classifies e-bikes as a “motorized bicycle” and has a speed limit of 30mph – but forces you to get a license plus insurance. California, on the other hand, applies a maximum speed of 20mph and does not require a license or insurance. In short, an e-bike is not a scooter or a motorcycle. It is a pedal bicycle with a bit of extra grit. Their power depends on battery power.

Different Types of Electric Bicycle

You can get the electric version of any bike! There are e-MTBs, e-road bikes, e-hybrids, and e-folding. Some are powered by the central cable, but most new e-bikes are powered by an electric motor mounted over the fork back. The battery is normally mounted either in the central tube or in a luggage compartment above the rear wheel.
You can also buy e-bike conversion kits for your regular bicycle, which could mean swapping one of the wheels or mounting a drive device on the rear wheel. In either case, your bicycle warranty will be canceled when you use one of these kits.

Electric Mountain Bike

An electric mountain bike is a powerful off-road vehicle that can dramatically expand your driving range and help you go a long way if you are short of time. Do you only have a couple of free hours available? An electric mountain bike will help you make climbs faster, so you can enjoy the downhill runs best.

You can buy e-bikes with total suspension and e-bikes on the paved road, so you’re prepared whatever your local terrain and driving style. The disadvantages of an electric mountain bike are the heaviness, especially if the overall suspension, the “look” may not work well for everyone, and the best ones are very expensive. Some models have a “walk” mode to help you in the event of an upward thrust, which may prove to be very convenient.

Electric bicycle

Do not worry about roadies, you are not left out of the fun. While for some motorcyclists, electric road bicycles could be seen as a sacrilege, as they would like to “feel burned” during pedaling, there are models on the market. There are electric bicycles presenting their electric motor (and battery) in their sleeves, like the Giant Road-E +, and some who prefer to hide the fact that they do not rely on human power, such as Typhoon.

Of course, you should categorically exclude the idea of taking part in a race with one of these bikes. It would be considered cheating, but you can keep up with your best friends and see amazing views over one of these machines. Our view on BikeRadar is that if he can get you out of the house and put on a bike, it must be something good.

Electric Bicycles Hybrid

This could potentially be the largest segment of all e-bikes: hybrid electric bikes are light and ecologically transportable machines. They will take you from one busier city to the other, free from unreliable public transport and arrive at your destination with all the enthusiasm of a morning ride, less sweaty.

Their starting price is also reasonable – for less than 1000 € you will have a simple e-bike from the city like the B’Twin Bebike 500 from the French Decathlon brand, whose battery has a range that reaches up to 40km. Which is enough for virtually any city dweller who needs to go to work without having to recharge during lunch break.

Foldable Electric Bicycle

For some commuters, this is a real dream: a foldable electric bicycle that can be compacted and made small enough to keep it in small apartments, offices or trains. All the benefits of an e-bike, in a “small package”.

There are secondary market kits available to convert a simple electric folding bike, such as those of Nano Electric Bikes, which put a direct driving motor in the center pin and a battery in the luggage on the front wheel. However it is not cheap, the conversion kit costs around 710 €.

There are some “pre-packaged” foldable electric bicycles, such as Tern eLink, which also reaches 50km and can reach up to 25kph of speed. However, it is quite heavy, weighing around 22kg. It is sold with all bumpers, storage compartments, chain protector, and front and rear electric lights.

How long does the battery of an e-bike last?

There is no simple answer to this question, unfortunately. It depends on the unbalanced battery, the weight of your bike, how technical the ground on which you walk and … um … how much you weigh. The latest Bosch outbound e-bikes provide a driver under 80kg to reach 80km, driving at 20kph when used in Touring mode, or 140km in Eco mode.

In terms of the battery life of an e-bike, it depends on the use you make of it. Bosch covers the batteries of its e-bikes for two years, and Shimano says its batteries will go well for 1000 charge cycles, which should equal about 37,000 miles of driving.

How do I charge an electric bicycle?

E-bikes are powered by any electric duct that has a grip, and most new models allow you to remove the battery so that you will not leave the bike connected all night. Good news if you were worried about wanting to put it near an electric point every time you need to load it.

A full charge normally takes about 3-4 hours, but the batteries have been improved to the point where you can charge them partially in a couple of hours without damaging the battery cell in any way. You have to force them to download completely – the latest models can be partially loaded and downloaded without any problems.