Best free android cycling app for cyclists

We are more and more to ride while staying connected. And for good reason, here’s our selection of the best free Android cycling app for cyclists, very practical.

Today we are going to review the best free Android cycling app for cyclists. These apps can be particularly useful for those who are often on a bicycle occasionally or as an amateur but also professional. For those who are therefore lovers of technology and do not know how to stay away from their Android smartphone and have the passion for the bicycles, these free cycling apps Android will certainly be useful as they will take into account a number of interesting parameters such as route, speed, location, etc. But now let’s see together which are the best Android apps for cyclists:

The best cycling apps for Android useful for cyclists

The bicycle is the most popular means of transport in the world, it is estimated that one in three has a bike. Pedaling not only is good for health, it does not pollute the environment, it’s cheap and above all it’s fun. Today there are real fans who have made this means of transport a real philosophy of life, go to school, work or maybe for simple walks. There are also the bike lovers, who every Sunday gather in the group for hiking, so many are the bicycle followers who have also been set up a day devoted to it. Today for cycling enthusiasts, we have implemented applications that help track from physical to the path, time to distance, etc., below will list some of the best apps for Android.


Best free android cycling app for cyclists strava
Strava is undoubtedly one of the most used applications by cyclists. It keeps a lot of statistics (distance, pace, speed, elevation gain, calories burned) and provides you with a detailed map of your course. If you have a watch that runs on Android Wear 2.0, you will not even need your smartphone! What makes the Strava app so great for cycling is its competitive aspect. On some timed portions, you can compare your times to those of the best users. What will push you to pedal always faster to be at the top of the ranking!
Be careful not to become a “stravasshole”. The expression used in the everyday language of cycling enthusiasts refers to those who race for performance and therefore forget to respect other users. Pay attention to others and respect your environment!

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Runtastic Road Bike Tracker

Runtastic Road Bike Tracker
Runtastic is best known for its physical exercise applications. But it also offers some versions specifically for cyclists. One of them is the Runstatic Road Bike GPS Bike. It is one of the most complete cycling apps. With this application you can track all of your bike racing, but not just walking and gym workouts; you can be moved by your friends during your bike activity, and to improve and go beyond your limits, you can sync your data with and analyze all your activities. With Runstatic Road Bike GPS Bikes you will have a real cycling computer with more than 50 features. No option is missing. The app also has a module to find thousands of course ideas and view the weather.

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Map My Ride GPS Cycling Riding

As its name suggests, the MapMyRide app will allow you to record all your bike routes. The statistics offer a detailed follow-up of all your outings (distance traveled, pace, altitude difference, calories etc …). The app is compatible with more than 400 activity trackers like Android Wear smartwatches, Fitbit smart wristbands, Garmin, Jawbone and many other brands.
It is also possible to share your sporting achievements on social networks. Unlike other competing solutions, MapMyRide does not require the use of its built-in music player. So you can practice your sport while listening to your favorite music and without paying a penny. The voice coach automatically triggers every kilometer to provide you with detailed information about your race.

Runtastic Mountain Bike GPS

There is also a version for mountain dwellers called Runtastic Mountain Bike GPS. Directions, recording speed, slope, distance data … The Runtastic Mountain Bike ATV app is a “smart” speedometer and displays a map to help you find your way. In addition to its many other features, the app offers the opportunity to join a community and compare its results to those of your friends.

Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo Fitness is an application that allows you to track your performance and set new goals during your cycling. The app connects in Bluetooth with many devices, including heart rate monitors. The big advantage of this application is the ability to save your data and upload to the site you want (Strava, MapMyFitness, TrainingPeaks, MyFitnessPal). If you are looking to improve your performance, this application is adequate. Finally, if the bike is boring, Wahoo can also be used when you run. To avoid spoiling, the application is free. That is the demand of the people.

Openbike Now

For cycling enthusiasts in big cities, it can sometimes be difficult to find a self-service kiosk with bicycles available. The Android OpenBike Now app tells you which bike is available closest to you in all major cities of the world. The OneBike app lists a lot of countries, ideal for holidays! You will find the complete city list on app description page available on Play Store. However, after you have geolocated, Openbike Now displays on a map all self-service bike stations around you. For each station found, Openbike Now displays the occupancy rate, indicating the number of bicycles available and the number of free seats. The application is completely free and does not include any advertising.

Cycle Hire Widget

Cycle Hire Widget is one of the most popular applications among British cyclists, allowing you to find the closest bike sharing location in more than thirty cities of the five continents and lets you find the availability to stay at a particular venue.
This is an impressive program. Find your nearest cycle hire location with this compact homescreen widget, featuring live availability of bikes and slots at each location.

My Tracks

My tracks is another bike app for which you will have a real bicycle computer and you can track your distance, altitude and speed, along with the routes you can synchronize and share with Google Drive with your friends on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also export them to Google My Maps, Google Sheets, or external storage devices. My tracks, among the best Android apps for cyclists, deserve to be tested.

Google Maps for the best features in GPS mode

Difficult to write this list without mentioning Google’s mapping app. If you are in town or certain of having a network then Google Map is undoubtedly the best solution for you if you only need its GPS functions. Voice navigation, updated information, very accurate maps … What’s more, Google has made the effort to address the public of cyclists by offering them specific routes.
In short, a practical application that you already have on your phone. Why go further if you only need a GPS bike app on Android? If you insist, visit our selection of alternatives to Google Maps.

A weather app to find out what’s waiting for you

Starting a great bike ride can be a bad idea if the weather changes. A big sun at your exit can quickly turn into torrential rain depending on the season! The ideal is to install an application allowing you to know the climate that awaits you before leaving but you can also consult in real time to see the latest developments.
Different alternatives are possible depending on your needs. Check out our selection of the best weather apps on Android to find the one you need.
These are the ones I think are the best Android apps for cyclists and do you know anything else that’s worth trying out? If you are, write in the comments as are the cycling apps that you should try. What applications do you use for your bike rides?