Best free Halloween apps for Android 2017

Here’s our selection of the top 10 best free Halloween apps for Android to enjoy this Halloween 2017.

If you are looking for a fun and personalized way to enjoy the Halloween 2017 we strongly recommend that you try some of these best free Halloween apps for Android. This is a collection of games and apps that you will enjoy on your Smartphone or Tablet with Android OS.
Best free Halloween apps for Android
If you are one of those who love Halloween, you may want to have some applications on your Android smartphone to make the day unforgettable or surprise your partner, family or friends with funny jokes. We have made a selection of the 10 best free Halloween apps and games for Android. Let’s see what they are.

Top 10 best free Android Halloween apps and games to enjoy this Halloween 2017

If you want to join the celebration without going door-to-door asking for candy, you can enjoy the spooky spirit from the screen of your Android device with these applications for Halloween. In this top we will see various apps related to this enigmatic party. Get ready to see Halloween apps for free photos, scare apps and even scary makeup.

Halloween Crush – Match 3 Game Android

We begin with this adventure that stands out for being tremendously addictive, ideal to play alone or with family and friends. This free Android Halloween game lets you enjoy a fantastic environment of terror and fear and of course also fun.
This puzzle game has the objective of joining several equal items with the aim of disappearing. In any case the minimum will be three objects, and if you break from four objects you will get some very interesting bonuses that not only translate into a higher score but in turn will also allow you to perform block destructions much more effective and necessary in some occasions to be able to finish a certain level before the time runs out.

HD Halloween Live Wallpaper

Do you like Halloween live wallpapers? This is undoubtedly an app that you must install on your mobile phone. HD Halloween Live Wallpaper gives your Smartphone a very characteristic touch typical of these dates, get ready to see pumpkins, terrifying icons and much more. Lots of settings and dynamic effects will give your Android a new unique look. Its excellent graphics quality will please your eyes for a long time. One of the best free animated Halloween wallpapers.

Scary Halloween Sounds

Do you want to terrorize your friends and family this Halloween? This is a perfect for you. You can not stop trying these fun applications that will allow you to give more than one of your friends a good scare when listening to them. Scary Halloween Sounds is a good option for your Android, since it is totally free. Screams of pain and panic that will rock anyone who approaches you. You will scare your friends and neighbors and you will laugh bringing terror to your town. This Halloween will be the most fun you can imagine.

Ringtones Halloween

Of course, we can not forget sounds to create an environment. If you are one of those who really live, you want to get involved in the party, even in their sounds, and nothing better than downloading an app like Halloween Ringtones. In it you will find up to 45 different sounds that you can put as a ringtone, to receive messages or as an alarm. And unlike similar apps, these sounds and ringtones are loud and clear and do not cut off right in the middle. Best of all, its free!


Halloween night not only has to be terrifying but it can also be very fun. MSQRD is one of the best applications to apply effects in real time on the face. It includes a few dark filters, like the sinister clown and the zombie, with which you can record a spooky video to scare your friends. If you are more of disguising yourself than scare, MSQRD has a good amount of animals with which to decorate your face.
The bad thing about being out of print is that they are always the same filters. If you need something new, you can also use the Facebook application, which uses the same technology but is constantly updated with more masks.


If you want a slightly more elaborate joke and at the same time scare someone, GhostCam is the ideal application. It’s a bit old-fashioned in terms of interface design and it’s full of banner advertising, but it still has a huge selection of ghosts to choose from.
You can use the automatic mode, which adds the ghost on its own, or the manual, in which you can position your favorite paranormal creature or ghost wherever it seems most creepy. The idea is to pass the photo to a friend so he can discover it himself.

Pumpkin Maker Salon

Do you like to customize pumpkins on Halloween? You no longer have to stain the whole kitchen and make it lose. Now you can customize the typical Halloween pumpkins from your smartphone or tablet. Pumpkin Maker Salon for Android is a very good application to customize pumpkins on your device. The app provides different types of pumpkin, skin, eyes, noses, mouse, lights and ornaments. So you can make your pumpkin unique with lots of combinations. It is full with fun and creativity. The application is free to download.

Halloween Runner

If you are a gamer and you like the darkest party of the year, Halloween Runner for Android is for you. It is totally free and fast to play, will allow you to have a fun time with your family. You will have to help the little girl to escape from the evil monsters with pumpkin heads that chase her. Collect the candies and the different bonuses along the way. The game offers you all the agility and gameplay of the most classic runner games for Android although fully set in the pagan Halloween party. This sensational and Addictive Halloween game for Android will undoubtedly delight the little ones of the house.


This application includes the basic toolkit to find ghosts in three categories: low energy, high energy or very high energy, the most dangerous. You will find material to do psychophonies, a “seismograph”, a ghost seeker, a ghost camera and a ghost radar.
The free version limits the time you can use the ghost camera and includes an abysmal amount of ads, to such an extent that it is probably the most frightening thing of the application. If you want alternatives, try Ghost Sensor or Ghost Detector.

ZombieBooth 2

After seeing ZombieBooth in a list you are probably wondering what year we are in. Do not worry, we have not returned to 2012, but we can not forget a classic in the generation of zombie faces like this.
ZombieBooth 2 is the sequel to ZombieBooth but it’s basically the same as the original. You must take a picture, adjust the markers and then you can customize your zombie face by choosing which rotten skin or element is better nailed to your face. Some of them are for payment.

What do you think of our selection of the best apps for this Halloween? Do you think there is one that should be on the list and we have left it on the way? Go ahead and add it through the comments.