Best free WiFi finder app for Android | Get free WiFi networks

In this post, I made a compilation of the best free WiFi finder app for Android to have free internet. Get free WiFi networks around the world with the best applications for Android!

There are two ways to get free Wi-Fi. One is to get WiFi keys through hacking and another is discovering in the vicinity free WiFi points. This time I will mention the best applications available in the Google Play store to search and connect to public Wi-Fi or that do not have an access password. Let’s read our selection of the best free Android WiFi finder app 2018.
Best free WiFi finder app for Android Get free WiFi networks
Maybe you have not noticed, but near where you live or where you are traveling there are many free WiFi points that your phone cannot detect, but seeing on a map it will be easier to move around and get free internet. The applications below offer a simple way to search through a lot of free public WiFis access points. Some of them provide the password if the network is private, but many are completely free to the public.

Best Android applications to discover free Internet near you

You walk on the street and your boss calls you asking you for an email you sent him last week, and he urges you! You are one hour away from the nearest Starbucks and your data plan does not have enough MBs to send that file that you are requested. It is time to prepare you for the next emergency situation. Here we have the best free WiFi finder app for Android devices. Are you ready? Let’s start then.

osmino Wi-Fi: free WiFi

osmino Wi-Fi is one of the most complete and best rated apps within its category. With osmino Wi-Fi you can locate Wi-Fi hotspots on the map and filter according to their characteristics (if it is public, if you have ratings, if it is password protected, etc…). In addition, you can use the Google Maps browser to receive directions on how to get to the WiFi access point from your position and, once connected, perform speed tests to decide which hotspot is best for you.
osmino Wi-Fi includes extra features such as usage statistics, ad blocking and home screen widgets. In addition, you can search for WiFi hotspots using augmented reality. All this, with a minimalist design and attention to detail.

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Swift WiFi – Free WiFi Hotspot Portable

Swift WiFi is a global search engine for WiFi networks. It will help you find fast and reliable WiFi networks anywhere, so you do not have to exhaust your data plan. The WiFi search engine has a function that shows which WiFi networks are available in the area and open to the public. The application offers to locate in a map those points of wireless connection to Internet, once located it will be possible to connect to the free WiFi networks with a single click.
With Swift WiFi you can connect to over 60,000,000 Wi-Fi hotspots around the world to surf the Internet for free and without the need for passwords or passwords to connect.

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Skype Wifi – Free Internet

With this application you can connect to thousands of public networks, present all over the world, and you only pay for the minutes you are connected, without registration or forms and the best thing is that this app disconnects you from the network in 30 minutes in case You fell asleep, you forgot to close it. Download it now!

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Free WiFi – Wiman

Find more than 40 million networks available around the world, connect without 3G / 4G connection according to your location, plus you have automatic access to the free Wi-Fi points that are near you. Get automatically connected to millions of free WiFi all around the world and to WiFi shared by Wiman users. Download it now!

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WiFi Map — Free Passwords & Hotspots

WiFi Map is another best free WiFi finer app for Android. It allows you to locate access points on the map and offers a list of crowd sourced passwords that each user can continue feeding directly from the app.
However, unlike the other apps on this list, WiFi Map offers more information about the place / business that hosts the access point (if it is a cafeteria, a hotel, a supermarket, etc.). In addition, it allows you to download city maps so you can continue to see the access points even when you do not have a connection.
Finally, WiFi Map can boast of being one of the apps in this category with the largest number of access points located around the world. The perfect app for travelers who can not live without a connection.

WiFi Analyzer

Suppose you are in the center of the city and that, you are overwhelmed by the number of access points that previous apps have found around you. To be able to choose which connection is the best for you, you do not need to connect and do a speed test of each one. Farproc’s WiFi Analyzer is an app that shows in a graph the signal strength of nearby Wi-Fi networks.
Thus, the signal strength of each network is represented in the graph with a unique color and its position varies in real time. If you move, you will see how the graphs are readjusted depending on whether you have moved away or have approached the access point (router). Choose the one that best suits you at all times and navigate at the maximum possible speed.

WifiMapper – WiFi Maps

WiFiMapper offers more than 650 million WiFi access points around the world. All the points are clearly established on a map and are easy to locate. The application uses a social network based on the location to obtain information about the establishments that offers WiFi points. This application has an extensive filter, you can sort the results by type, speed, quality of the connection and more. Like other applications, it has a huge community. In the application passwords and other tips are shared for each location trying to improve the experience in each of the points. Join the largest WiFi community in the world!

While a public WiFi network may be useful, it is not free from dangers. The Internet connection has become a basic necessity in our lives.
Wireless hotspots can be found everywhere, so stay connected all over the world with these fascinating free WiFi network apps for Android. What do you think about these applications? Tell us in the comments section. Thank you.