Best games for PlayStation VR, the PS4 Viewer

PlayStation VR enables users to experience a different gaming experience from the normal. Here’s a selection of the best games for PlayStation VR, the viewer for virtual reality of PlayStation 4.

Sony was among the first companies to sense the potential of virtual reality. Instead of betting on applications to enhance the user’s daily life, Sony has developed a viewer capable of revolutionizing the concept of entertainment. PlayStation VR is the first virtual device only dedicated to video games.
Best games for PlayStation VR PS4 Viewer
The VR viewer is completely integrated with the console made in Sony and delivers an immersive game never felt before. Here is a guide to the best games available for PlayStation VR.

PlayStation VR games: the list of the ten best games for the virtual reality.

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront is quite possibly the most anticipated game for PlayStation VR. The saga has millions of fans around the world and the game promises from now on to be one of the successes of the year. Modeled after the game released for consoles and personal computers at the end of 2015, Star Wars Battlefront VR allow the player to face opponents in a first person shooter that promises to be hectic and exciting.
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RIGS Mechanized Combat League

Get used to the virtual reality is not simple and the mechanics of Rigs: Mechanized Combat League are the proof. Halfway between a basketball game and first-person shooter, the game is based on the clash in an arena that sees facing two to three players trained team. After reaching the number of killings, the winning team will have to throw in a big circle that symbolizes the finish line.
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Eve: Valkyrie

Eve: Valkyrie is a spin-off of Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game Eve: Online. Also available for the HTC Vive, the game is a shooter that will allow gamers to challenge their friends in online challenges and death match to the death.
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Eagle Flight

Eagle Flight is a video game that the fans of Assassin’s Creed will not be able to miss. Produced by Ubisoft along with Unity, the team that created the franchise in a few years has sold hundreds of millions of copies, Eagle Flight is set in the same places of Assassin’s Creed Unity. Paris will be the star of this video game for PlayStation VR that will see the gamer pledged to tame the flight of an eagle.
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PSVR DriveClub – PlayStation VR

One of the best games of PlayStation 4 returns this time to championing the driving genre in the early stages of virtual reality. Although it offers little new to those who already have the original game, Driveclub VR perfectly represents the emotion we can feel driving in VR. In fact, their rapid movements make it more advisable to those who already have some experience with the technology as it can be dizzying for a beginner. It also includes new tracks that were not in the original version of the title, although the high speed of their careers can end a bit dizzy. Without any doubt, it is one of the best PlayStation VR games to PS4.
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Here They Lie

Of course, must have at least a degree of psychological terror on this list, it will be the genre that party takes this new technology (or at least we the big fans of the genre hope).
Emerge into the world of an uncanny horror experience where death is not a checkpoint. Delve into an inescapable, surreal world where unsettling encounters and environments come to life. Here They Lie is a mind bending first-person VR descent into madness. PlayStation camera required.

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Until Dawn Rush Of Blood

Probably one of our favorite games. It is a good choice for those who want to experience fear in virtual reality and really he looks good. Terror and an interesting story make this an interesting shooting terrifying experience in which we will have to destroy the evil clown and his minions through an abandoned amusement park. We also recommend you to play with good headphones to dive into the adventure and empty your boots with verve.
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Batman: Arkham VR

Your quest to rid Gotham has only just begun and is now even more terrifying than ever. Batman: Arkham VR lets you become the Dark Knight in a virtual reality recreation of the most famous DC locations hero.
Become the best detective in the world and explore places like the Wayne mansion or the Batcave, while fighting in a new personal story, set in the classic Arkham universe of Rocksteady.

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Tumble VR

In this title, Sony brings a revision of the classic Tetris in three dimensions and virtual reality. It is, therefore, a construction game with pieces in 3d in which patience and expertise of our movements will allow us to achieve the goals. These objectives are to build a tower with the pieces that are going to appear or place them in a kind of three – dimensional Tetris preventing a laser beam break them.
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PSVR Robinson: The Journey

In the style of a film by Steven Spielberg, we enter a strange planet in the skin of a teenager, in which the interaction with the environment and exploration seem to have great importance. The planet in question is inhabited by dinosaurs and strange creatures. From our point of view, this game should be in the library of every player. It will give you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and scenery of equally.
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PSVR Battlezone

Finally another revision of a classic. Who has never played destroy the enemy tank? This time the experience in virtual reality is something completely different than what you’ve experienced so far. We also tested the demo and have left us with very good taste. So if you want to turn your home into a real virtual battlefield this is your game.
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That’s all for now, folks. These are our selection of the best PlayStation VR games. If you have any other suggestion, please let us know. Your opinion will help us make this selection of the best games for PlayStation VR batter. Share your opinion: Use the comments. And, as always, thank you for reading this.