Best gaming headphones for PC, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One players

Whether you are looking for adventure on a MMORPG, a FPS fan or MOBA-oriented, having a good gaming headset is essential to improve your gaming performance. Here’s our list of the best gaming headphones for PC, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One players.

The audio part is an essential component when playing video games. By choosing a quality headset, you immerse yourself completely in your game and take full advantage of it. What’s more satisfying than hearing your opponents arrive behind you and return to you in time to get victory? The best gaming headphones from the very special market of gamers allow you to hear perfectly and with many details all that happens around you. The best products provide you with a considerable advantage, whether for FPS games, MMOs or MOBAs. They allow you to hear, but also to be heard with high-performance microphones capable of capturing only your voice. Let’s see our selection of the best gaming headphones for PC, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One players. Are you ready?
Best gaming headphones for PC PS3 PS4 Xbox One players

Why you need a gaming headset?

Whether you are a fan of gaming on the PC or amateurs of the latest generation consoles (PS4, Xbox One or even Wii U), moving to a gamer headset provides many practical advantages. Besides being able to enjoy a sound quality often more complete and precise than those of the speakers of your TV, the headsets also have the advantage of being able to isolate you from the outside world. It becomes possible to play without being disturbed, but especially without disturbing anyone. In short, if you are used to playing at night when the whole family has gone to bed, hard to miss! Another advantage is the communication part. With a growing share of multiplayer games, it has become essential to be able to communicate with other players to enjoy a complete experience. By choosing a quality gaming headset, you have an effective way to make your voice heard.

How to choose the best gaming headsets?

When comparing the many helmets for the game proposed by the different manufacturers, some points are crucial and make it possible to choose well its product. Here are some examples:
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Audio quality

The performance of the headset and microphone is a key point. What good to have a beautiful helmet on the head if this one offers poor performance and little details? Do not hesitate to ask about the technical aspects of the different models, in particular, the size of the speakers and the impedance. Depending on the games you play, it may also be preferable to turn to a headset putting more or less forward bass for example.

The microphone

A major element of the helmets for players, the microphone allows you to communicate easily with your team or guild. Some are retractable and others incorporate a surrounding noise reducer. If possible, choose a microphone that picks up only your voice and not the sounds around you.

Comfort & Ergonomics

In general, players wishing to afford a good headset spend time in front of their screens. Comfort should be a priority when choosing. Many products offer very large cushions providing comfort and insulation. It is also necessary to check the comfort of the arch, in front of which to distribute correctly the weight of the helmet. As a general rule, helmets with suspended hoops offer excellent comfort. For design, some products opt for a rather sober look, others for a clearly gaming-oriented style.


More and more manufacturers are offering wireless models, a real advance in the world of gaming headsets. They allow you to enjoy games without any cable or latency. A real comfort level happiness, although prices can quickly inflate.


Dobly Surround, equalizer settings, mixers, phone calls, or customizable lighting. Headphones now offer more and more functionalities more or less interesting and it will be necessary to choose according to your needs.

The selection of the best gaming headsets for PC, PS4, Xobx and Wii U

Now that you are aware of the benefits of headsets, but also of the different points to take into account when choosing, we place our selection of the best models. The market has clearly exploded in recent years, there are hundreds of references and it is not always easy to find one another, as the ranges are now very provided. To facilitate your search, you will find below the best products segmented according to the different price ranges (less than 50 $, less than 100 $, between 100 $ and 200 $, more than 200 $) but also according to the functionalities (Wireless gaming headsets and earphones in particular). All these products are validated by our experts, and widely appreciated by users who have already crossed the course. You can go there with your eyes closed.

The best PC, PS4 & Xbox headsets for small budgets

For those with a relatively limited budget, here is a list of 4 products offering an unbeatable value for money at the entry level. Under the $ 50 mark, these products are compatible with most platforms and allow you to enjoy its games with a comfort and correct performances. Obviously, there is no need to expect exceptional sound quality or a myriad of features, but for the price the mission is fulfilled. Let’s start.
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SteelSeries Siberia 150 (simple but effective)

Best gaming headphones for PC PS3 PS4 Xbox One players
With the renewal of its Siberia range, SteelSeries expects to win again in the sector of helmets for players. The Siberia 150 is the perfect example, offering both comfort and functionality in a price that remains quite affordable. Its very sober design can be illuminated with the color of your choice, from a software that will also adjust its audio configurations. The headset also offers a virtual 7.1 surround sound via DTS Headphone X, thus a particularly discreet but effective microphone.
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Logitech G230 (entry-level)

Best Gaming Headset with Mic
If the Logitech G230 is not very recent, it has established itself in recent years as one of the best helmets at entry level. Relatively simple, it is presented in the form of a stereo headphone offering a correct comfort and a sound rendering relatively homogeneous. Its pads are removable and washable, and have a sportswear coating limiting perspiration. Too bad that the set appears relatively cheap and that the microphone does not really hold the road. Note that a new version is available recently, the Logitech G231 Prodigy.
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Roccat Renga (Comfort without ruin)

Top Stereo Gaming Headset pc xbox, wii, ps4, android, iphone
Among our selection of affordable gaming helmets, the Roccat Renga is without hesitation the most comfortable. With its suspended hoop system, it offers a perfect distribution of weight on the head and is quickly forgotten once on the ears. It also features large headphones with semi-open design, offering a great immersion during gaming. The microphone is also of high quality, as well as the connection allowing you to use the Renga on all the recent platforms. For 49 $, hard to find a better value today!
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Turtle Beach Recon 50 (effective and affordable gaming headset)

Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50
The Recon 50 is an entry-level product from Turtle Beach, and is a multi-platform headset with a good sound quality for a particularly affordable price. Its micro-neck cygle features a windscreen and provides clear and accurate voice capture. Obviously, at this price one can not expect miracles in terms of construction and the whole appears relatively fragile.
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The best gamer headphones for less than 100 $

It is clearly in this price range that today we find the bulk of the market of gaming headsets intended for PC, PS4 and Xbox gamers. Without necessarily blowing up your budget, it is possible to find headsets around 100 $ at the same time very powerful and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy your games for long hours. To facilitate your choice, you will find below 5 products to which you can turn your eyes closed and ears wide open. Let’s start.

HyperX Cloud II (If only one)

Gaming Headset for PC PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch
Gently evolving from the first HyperX Cloud, this second generation offers a quality of workmanship and finishes always as neat. In use, the PC, PS4 and Xbox compatible headset always wants to be comfortable, which can be worn for long hours without any discomfort. It now has a 7.1 virtualization which further improves immersion in-game, and a sound rendering overall very correct. The microphone is completely removable and also works in a clear way. Really a great product, at a very affordable price.
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Razer Kraken Pro (An eye-catching look and correct performance)

Gaming Headset with Retractable Microphone for PC Xbox One Playstation 4
It is almost impossible to present a selection of the best gaming headphones without going through the Razer box. With its Kraken Pro V2, the brand has won over the heads of many players thanks to a well-assertive design and correct performances, especially the explosions and other effects turned down the spectrum. FPS enthusiasts should appreciate the sound, but also the comfort brought by its very large earphones to padding more than generous. The microphone offers enough performance to easily be heard in full part.
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Plantronics RIG 500E (The self-mounting headset)

ESports Edition Gaming Headset with Surround Sound
The Plantronics RIG 500E is a clearly atypical model, since the majority of its parts can be disassembled and therefore replaced. An asset that clearly makes sense when you know how the players mistreat their headset! For this 500E version, the headset also has two pairs of earphones, but also an effective virtual surround sound. Light and comfortable, it’s a pleasure to play with him during long sessions. The sound reproduction is precise, and the microphone works perfectly in all situations. A very good surprise!
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SteelSeries Siberia 350 (SteelSeries Comfort)

SteelSeries Siberia 350 Gaming Headset
Big brother of Siberia 150 presented a little higher, the Siberia 350 is in fact the very famous Siberia V3 slightly updated to the day. A helmet that has emerged for many years as one of the most comfortable on the market. Lightweight, it adjusts to most body shapes and also has customizable lighting for fans of sound and light shows. In front of the previous versions, the sound is slightly improved, and the headset keeps its retractable microphone inside the left atrium. A sure bet.
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Turtle Beach PX22 (An updated reference)

Turtle Beach PX24 Multi Platform Gaming Headset
After the huge success of the PX22, Turtle Beach returns to the front of the scene with its new PX24. A gaming headset compatible with most platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One, smartphones and tablets) which takes the main lines of its predecessor. On the program are some new features such as the Superhuman hearing feature which in practice allows to be a little more on the lookout for the footsteps and other reloading of your opponents. In this range, it is probably one of the helmets offering the most features.
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Best gaming headsets for less than 200

Between 100 and 200 $, several products come to stand out and meet the expectations of the most demanding players. At this price, we find gaming helmets with sound performances a notch higher than those of the models presented above, but also excellent comfort. If you have the right budget, the 3 products listed below are endorsed by our experts but also by our colleagues and the many users. Let’s start.

Astro A40TR (A look of hell and superb in-game performance)

ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Gaming Headset for Xbox One PS4 PC
The Astro A40TR is a headset designed to be used by both professional and amateur players. It has a particularly well designed design allowing it to turn into an open or closed helmet according to the ear cups used. Side look, it is a real success, with a resolutely gaming style. The finishes are very clean, in the image of the sound quality offering both clarity and details. Thought to be used on PC, it can also connect to PS4 or Xbox One without any worry. Note that a version with MixAmp is also available, greatly improving the communication options between players.
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SteelSeries Siberia 650 (A colorful gaming headset)

SteelSeries Siberia 650 Gaming Headset
At each price range it’s the SteelSeries model, and it’s the Siberia 650 that we’ve selected under the $ 200 mark. With its enormous ear-pads and padded ear cushions, this gaming headset is primarily intended for use on the PC as it has powerful software to manage its lighting and especially its sound options. Once configured, it offers superb audio quality and immersion at the top during games. Too bad it is not possible to take advantage of these changes on consoles.
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HyperX Cloud Revolver (The big brother of the HyperX family)

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Gaming Headset
The latest addition to HyperX, the Revolver offers a completely different design from Cloud and Cloud II. Even more comfortable than its little brother thanks to its suspended hoop. You will also appreciates its quality of manufacture reviewed upwards. Solid and light despite its rather massive look, we like its clear and precise sound even if the bass lack a bit of biting. Compatible with PCs and consoles, its microphone remains removable and keeps its efficiency. Too bad that unlike its competitors it does not have a dedicated application to manage its sound parameters.
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PC, PS4 and Xbox headphones without budget limit

The models shown below are designed for players who do not necessarily pay for the expense, but also for professionals seeking to equip themselves in the best way. This is particularly the case with the Turtle Beach Elite Pro, which will fit perfectly to the expectations of the eSport players. You will also find the only open helmet of our selection, for the most picky players in terms of sound reproduction and immersion. Be careful though, it piques price level! let’s start.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro (A helmet designed for eSports)

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset
The Turtle Beach Elite Pro is positioned as the most successful gaming headset from the brand. Designed with and for professional players, it is distinguished from the competition by an atypical construction especially regarding its arch whose tension is adjustable. Particularly comfortable, it also adapts to the players even with glasses thanks to an ingenious system of pads. On the sound side, it’s all good, especially when it is accompanied by its TAC box allowing to enjoy a virtual sound 7.1 but also to manage several modes of EQs and many options in the communication. It will be necessary to put the price, but the quality is clearly at the rendezvous.
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Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X (An open headset for total immersion)

Audio Technica Open Air High Fidelity Gaming Headset
The ATH-ADG1X is the only fully open helmet of our selection. A choice rarely offered on the PC, PS4 and Xbox headsets simply because it limits the use to a quiet environment. Indeed, the open design allows the external noise to pass, but offers to the use an incomparable sound reproduction as well as an excellent immersion. In addition to its excellent audio quality, the ATH-ADG1X shines with a very good comfort obtained through its 3D-Wing system and its large circular ear-cups. The headset is compatible with most platforms and has an effective microphone. We just regret some features a little limited for the price.
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Sennheiser PC373D (Hi-Fi quality at the service of video games)

Sennheiser Surround Sound Gaming Headset
The Sennheiser PC373D is the high-end model of the famous German audio manufacturer. Newly announced, it offers a Dolby Surround 7.1 sound associated with an open design. Coming in some ways to replace the model GAME ONE, it resumes its design both sober and especially very comfortable. Velvet pads, solid plastics, everything goes. It is designed to accompany you during long hours of gaming. The headset is offered with software allowing you to choose its EQs, to activate the reduction of the noise of the microphone or the level of monitoring.
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That’s all for now, folks. These are our selection of the best gaming headphones for PC, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One players. Do you have other gaming headset to suggest? Please leave a comment below. Thank you.

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