Best GPS tracker for dogs, cats and animals of the 2017 Buying Guide

The Complete Buyer’s Guide of the best GPS tracker for dogs, cats and animals with a selection based on the price range and features offered.

Are you afraid of losing your 4 legs friend? Quiet! Take a deep breath and started to consider buying a GPS tracker for dogs, cats or any other animals that you have. These technological devices can track all movements of your dog or your cat.
He who loves his pet knows: lose it and do not know where he is and if he’s okay, it’s one of the biggest fears that they might have. Fortunately, now the technology comes to the rescue to help the owners to always keep an eye on their dogs and cats.
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What are the GPS tracker for animals?

Simple! They are little accessories that once attached to the collar of your dog or cat let you track the movements thanks to a downloadable application on your smartphone or through an internet connection. Thanks to the performance of these GPS trackers that can be purchased with a few Dollar subsequently activating a data plan from one of the many telephone companies. We have selected the best GPS for dogs, cats and animals of 2017 broken down by price range and functionality.
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Follow your loved ones from your smartphone with the best GPS and activity tracker for dogs, cats and animals

A GPS dog collar is a help to locate your pet. This lets you know where your pet is in real time and see his position instantly via a website or mobile app. This is very handy if your dog tends to stray. You can walk your dog without fear of losing it.
Here is the guide (continually updated) that makes you find out the best GPS and activity tracker currently on the market

GPS Tractive for dogs, cats and other pets

Best GPS tracker for dogs cats and animals
Great tracker with an application truly complete that allows you to track all movements of your pet. It has a price of around 75 Dollar in the basic version and the monthly subscription starts from 5$. Tractive makes use of the GPS signal and communicates via the telephone signal allowing you to check the position of your pet at all times. Tractive allow you to view its movements in real time via browser or Tractive application available for Android and iOS. By booting the Live-Tracking mode display on the screen to track the movement of your dog or cat in real time.
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Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator

Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator pet dog cat
Yepzon is a GPS pet locator that allows you to locate your pet, children or objects through its free mobile application. It is small and easy to use, it works through the GSM network and its autonomy is 1 week. Best of all, it does not require any monthly or annual subscription. Yepzon app works with any mobile device and requires no passwords and no registrations. You can follow as many Yepzons as you wish and each one of them can have as many care givers to follow it as needed.
Thanks to its dimensions 85x46x17mm and its weight of 46g is ideal for small dogs

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Trax Play NEW Upgraded Live Outdoor GPS Tracker

Trax Play NEW Upgraded Live Outdoor GPS Tracker
Trax Play is a locator suitable for dogs and cats. This is one of the world’s smallest and lightest live GPS trackers. Through the appropriate app for mobile devices iOS and Android, it sends the position in only 3 seconds. It works in more than 40 countries and allows you to create virtual fences, which exceeded the recipient sends an alarm.
Durable, and water and dust resistant, it withstands temperatures between -10 DegreeC to +40 Degree C, with reliable outdoor GPS tracking. The Trax Play unit connects to the 2G T-Mobile network in the US. The package includes the locator, 1 adapter for the collar and 1 clip.

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Gibi Pet Location GPS Service Unit

Gibi Pet Location GPS Service Unit
The Gibi pet locator is a tough, waterproof, lightweight GPS tracking device for your active dog. The stylish tracking device uses Gibi’s online browser-based app; accessible from anywhere an internet connection is available, using your mobile device or computer to instantly locate your four-legged family member on google maps. The Gibi browser-based app allows you to create safe zones. If your dog leaves your preset safe zone borders, you’ll receive alerts via email and/or text. Check your dog’s location with real-time updates, precise location information, and directions using Gibi’s one-click button. The Gibi pet locator is thoughtfully designed to securely attach to just about any collar, so you can keep using your favorite collar.
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Girafus Pro-track-tor Pet Safety Tracker

Girafus Pro track tor Pet Safety Tracker
A tracker that does not actually use the GPS but uses a radio channel can locate your pet up to 500 meters if there are no major obstacles such as walls. The device has its pros and cons, in fact, unlike the GPS allows tracking the animal even inside buildings but has a limited range. another point in its favor is the savings due to the absence of full subscriptions, in fact, the device does not need a SIM data to transmit information. The weight is only 4.2 grams and certainly is the best tracker for cats.
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TabCat Pet Tracking Collar Cat Locator

TabCat Pet Tracking Collar Cat Locator Lite Cat Finder Tracker System
Cats are more independent than dogs and they can go away for hours. If you are not able to follow the movements of your feline friend, this little round object that comes to snap on the collar will nevertheless allow you to find it easily.
No need for smartphone to use TabCat, the beacon comes with a receiver, the size of a credit card. It emits beeps and lights activate to indicate the direction and distance of your pet. The operating range of the TabCat system is approximately 135 meters.

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TKSTAR Anti-lost GPS Dog Pet Finder

TKSTAR Anti lost GPS Dog Pet Finder Dog Cat Collar Locator Smart Pet GPS Tracker Remote Tracker
This GPS pet locator is one of the cheapest on the market. It is a bargain for those owners who do not want to lose their pet. The TKSTAR Tracker remotely controlled via Internet and SMS.
It has a USB connection to charge it and connect it to the computer. It is suitable for dogs, cats and other animals of similar size.
The disadvantage, habitual in this type of devices, is that you will need a SIM card to insert in the collar. Otherwise tracking will not work.
The consumption of data is quite low, so you should not worry about surprises in the invoice. You can turn tracking on and off with an SMS. Once activated, the GPS collar will send the route of your pet to the manufacturer, information that you can consult through your app.

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Pet GPS Locator Dog tracker Mini Waterproof

Pet GPS Locator Dog tracker Mini Waterproof Wifi Tracker Dog Anti
We talk about another very interesting GPS tracker for dogs, cats and other pets. In addition, by its characteristics is one of the most complete. It allows you to set up two security zones, alerting you when your pet leaves the perimeter.
The tracking is in real time through your web, app or messaging applications like WeChat. Another advantage of the RF-V30 GPS collar is that it is waterproof, as it is IP66 certified.
Aesthetically it is very attractive. It is available in gold, light blue and black, all in the shape of a dog footprint. Despite its appearance, it can also be used to locate your cat. It closes around the conventional collar with a shock-resistant clip.

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Motorola SCOUT5000

Motorola SCOUT5000 Wearable HD Pet Camera with GPS Tracking
Motorola, a well-known technology manufacturer, also has a pet crawler collar on the market. And how could it be otherwise, has created a device that offers the best features.
In addition to locating your cat or dog when it is lost, it will record the video tour thanks to its camera. Connected to the network, the collar will receive the voice messages you send from your mobile phone, allowing you to communicate with your dog.
Like the physical activity monitoring wristbands for humans,the Motorola Scout 5000 will measure the distance traveled by your pet. Its price is considerably higher than other GPS necklaces, but the benefits are also.

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Do not lose your pet! Use a GPS to have it always controlled

If your dog gets lost for whatever reason, or you do not find it, it will be very useful to wear some of these GPS devices for dogs, as this will be very easy to locate and you will avoid, at best, a good scare. You can also control the exercise you do, verify that a walker is really walking you, in short, countless uses.
The price is no longer an excuse, since there is GPS for dogs for all budgets. Your turn! Which one has caught your attention? Had you tried one? Tell us about your experience, we are very interested in your opinion. Also, if you liked the content, we invite you to share it with your friends and family.