Best in ear gaming headphones with mic

Here’s our selection of the best in ear gaming headphones with mic for PC, PS4, PS3 and Xobx One players.

Who said that one had to put a helmet on his ears to enjoy his games without disturbing anyone? The manufacturers now offer headphones specially designed for players, obviously having a microphone to communicate with your teammates and opponents. Although more compact than headsets, they easily slip into a pocket and are therefore equally well suited for use at home or traveling on portable consoles for example (with the Nintendo Switch that arrives is a real plus!). Without further ado, let’s see the best in ear gaming headphones with mic.

Top 10 best in ear headsets for PC, Xbox, PS3, PS4 gaming.

AUKEY Bluetooth Headphones

Top 10 best in ear headsets for PC Xbox PS3 PS4 gaming
AUKEY Bluetooth Headset is one of the best in ear headphones you can find right now. This special light technology with a very flexible neck design is very comfortable to wear as its use is made of the most practical. The functions that these headphones have are very useful. All buttons are easy to use and totally intuitive. You will not have excessive cables thanks to Bluetooth technology.
The rechargeable battery is durable and the standby time is up to 300 hours on a single charge. In addition the connection is perfect and can be done with a multitude of devices resulting in a headset of the most practical. In addition, the advancement in this type of technology makes it possible to link two Bluetooth devices at the same time.
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Razer Hammerhead Pro V2

Best in ear gaming headphones with mic
Razer is present on all fronts in the world of gamer peripherals and so it is no surprise to find the Hammerhead Pro V2 among our selection. Compatible with all platforms but also smartphones and tablets, it is a versatile pair offering correct performance and comfort easily adjustable thanks to the various tips available. With a sound more oriented towards the bottom of the spectrum, it allows you to enjoy beautiful explosions during the game. A remote control allows to manage the volume or to navigate between its tracks during the musical listening, and an embedded microphone can be used to communicate in-game.
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Mad Catz ES PRO 1

Gaming Earbuds for PC Consoles Mobile Devices
If you know mostly Mad Catz for his famous RAT mice, the brand also offers a range dedicated to audio. The ES Pro 1 headphones have typed us because they offer a unique design by incorporating a true micro neck of cycle. A difference in size compared to other gaming headphones, allowing you to considerably improve the voice recording during games on PC or consoles. This state removable, it is also possible to transform the headphones into a more classic model for nomad use. The sound is correct, with deep bass, and perfectly maintained.
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RHA T10i In-Ear Headphone with Remote and Microphone

RHA T10i In Ear Headphone with Remote and Microphone
We have chosen this headphone set for one simple reason: the sound quality is incredible, thanks to the snug seal created when the headphones are stuck in your ear.The bass is also robust for such small earphones. It looks slick with a metal finish around the drivers and around the cable as well. They also come with several replacement tips if the defaults don’t fit your ear canal. They’re more expensive than other buds on the list, but there’s good reason they’re in our list.
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Creative Aurvana In-Ear3 Plus

High end Noise isolating In ear Earphones with In line Remote and Microphone
With a cancellation of external noise by up to 98%, a rich package of accessories, a wired remote control with built-in microphone, only to start talking about the excellent sound output from these headphones, the Creative Aurvana are candidates to be seriously considered as the best in ear gaming earphones under 100.
An excellent reproduction of high and low from these built-in speakers on the earphones that fit perfectly into any ear and that will really make you fall in love.

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With this we finish our guide of the best in ear headphones for gaming. With such a comprehensive list, we are pretty sure about the industry of powerful gaming headsets and different products available in the market.
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