Best kitchen thermometer reviews

Looking for a reliable and durable kitchen thermometer? Let’s read our best kitchen thermometer reviews. Top kitchen thermometer models for meats, fish or desserts and a more.

Cooking is a delicate process. In order to prepare a delicious meal, a number of factors must come together. For example, when it comes to baking, the temperature is just the most important factor in this process. Let’s say some foods like sweets and other sugar solutions require precise temperatures to properly bake your delicacies. But how do you keep an eye on the exact temperature you need when you’re cooking your candy in the oven? The answer is a candy thermometer, also known as a cooking thermometer. Available in all different shapes, sizes and configurations, kitchen thermometers make candy cooking as simple and as controlled as possible. Able to measure temperatures in almost any type of food, these devices are a near necessity in the kitchen. Therefore, we invite you to read our best kitchen thermometer reviews. Best kitchen thermometer cook’s illustrated.
best digital meat thermometer kitchen essentials

What is the best kitchen thermometer?

Keeping the temperature controlled in the kitchen may seem like something today. But the truth is that something as prosaic as a French fries requires a precise temperature control if you want to get the best result. So that you can keep this control, surely you are looking for the best kitchen thermometer you can buy. Luckily the variety of options is such that, as you will see in our selection of the best cooking thermometers of 2017, the options are varied and at every level of price and design. Are you ready to discover them? Then, let’s read our best kitchen thermometer reviews.

ThermoPro TP16 Large LCD Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer

Best kitchen thermometer reviews
If you have problems with the exact point of meat or any other food, ThermoPro TP16 thermometer is an excellent alternative. This model that has a digital display is able to offer you the exact temperature point depending on the type of meat you use, as well as the point you want to give it.
The alarm included warns you just when you reach the temperature, so you just worry about leaving everything perfect. Thanks to its tabletop format and its high-quality probe you can place the product inside the oven, pot or where you need, so you do not have to worry about anything.
That’s why it stands out as the best kitchen thermometer for the current price-quality ratio.


You can use it in a variety of cooking processes.
Preset temperatures guarantee food safety.
The alarm and countdown feature lets you do other tasks when the cooking is in progress.
The temperature can be preset manually.
The stainless steel feature of the cable can withstand high temp.
Lifetime warranty.


The digital display does not show time and temperature at the same time.
When the device is turned off, the alarm temp resets to 212°F. You have to reset it every time you turn it on.
The magnet is weak and does not hold long in metal surfaces.
Programming the temperature is difficult.
The thermometer only has one metal probe and, therefore, not ideal when cooking several foods.

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Anpro DT-8 Instant Read Digital Cooking Meat Thermometer

Best kitchen thermometer cooks illustrated
For the best kitchen thermometer in its price range, the Anpro DT-8 is a really excellent device. With a remarkable controller of -58 degrees Fahrenheit at 572 degrees Fahrenheit leaves no doubt as to whether or not it will be able to control the temperature you are looking for. Equipped with a 5-inch long probe and a plastic handle, it keeps your hands away from the hot solution you’re measuring at all times, ensuring safety. If you are looking for a firm rock candy thermometer at a very affordable price, you should definitely take a look at this.


Wide measuring range.
Long probe keeps hands safe from burns.


A little slow
It is typically turned off by some degrees.

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Habor Backlit Meat Thermometer Instant Read

Habor Backlit Meat Thermometer Instant Read
In our search for the best kitchen thermometer reviews, the model Habor Backlit Meat Thermometer is a good choice. A long rod thermometer with which to reach the food in depth to see exactly the core temperature of what you are cooking.
The model incorporates an LCD that shows the temperature, including four buttons for both the ignition and maintain the temperature and adapt it to degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit as needed.
The model allows measuring from -50 to 300 degrees Celsius, so you can use it in the oven without problems and safely. In addition, the material does not include harmful or risky elements, so that it does not alter foods or flavors.


Swivel head rotates 180 degrees.
Temperature range of -49 to 392 degrees Fahrenheit.
Automatically shuts off after 15 minutes.


Doesn’t use standard batteries.
Some say the swiveling head could come loose.
Display isn’t waterproof.

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iMallCoo Food Thermometer

Best kitchen thermometer amazon online reviews
For its price, the iMallCoo Food thermometer is the best kitchen thermometer on the market. Offering ridiculous range to -58 degrees Fahrenheit at 572 degrees Fahrenheit, it is able to measure almost any temperature you throw at it. A large digital LCD meter provides temperature readings in 4 seconds and has an auto power off feature that saves energy. If you are looking for great candy thermometer at a very reasonable price, you should definitely give this one a look.


Gigantic range.
Quick reading time.


Construction is questionable.
Temperature readings may be inconsistent.

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CDN TCG400 Professional Deep Fry Thermometer

CDN TCG400 Professional Deep Fry Thermometer
If you are looking for the most reliable and best thermometer on the market, the CDN TCG400 is the most reliable. With a range of 75 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, it is as accurate as any cooking thermometer you will find. A non-mercury measuring gauge gives you accurate readings, allowing you to get perfect temperatures for cooking the food of your choice. Durable construction, accurate accuracy, and stellar functionality make this the best candy thermometer you can find.


Ridiculously measures the precise temperature.
Very durable
Long enough to keep your hands from burning.


It takes more time to show measurements than digital thermometers.
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George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electronic Food Thermometer

Food processor thermometer digital cooking kitchen meat tools termometro thermometer outdoor oven thermometer
Digital display thermometer is heat-proof and has settings to beep at different levels of doneness. This thermometer can do double-duty as an oven thermometer and instant-read, taking only six seconds to instantly read interior temperatures. As with most digital thermometers, the parallel design of the display can make it awkward to read. Handy doneness chart is located on the back of the tool.


Super easy to use.
Extreme versatility.
Intelligent shut off function.
It also comes with a free recipe book.
LIFETIME hassle-free money back guarantees.


Found nothing.
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What is a kitchen thermometer?

A kitchen thermometer, also known as a food thermometer, is a device capable of measuring temperatures in sugar solutions and fryers. It is long, thin plastic, glass or stainless steel, allow to keep the body at a safe distance from hot solution while it is being measured, ensuring safety.
While some thermometers make use of a physical indicator, substitute for mercury, others make use of accurate and sophisticated digital indicators.

When and why choose a kitchen thermometer?

Why should you buy a kitchen thermometer? Can not even cook without it? Of course, yes. But if you are cooking or pastry enthusiasts and aspiring to professional results, you may not have it.
Check the oil temperature for frying and leavening; prepare yogurts and homemade cheeses; bake sweet, roast, fish, bread and vegetables as in the best restaurant and even make beer. The applications are endless. The kitchen thermometer allows you to perform complex tasks with extreme accuracy, ensuring results that will impress your guests.

What are the advantages of owning a kitchen thermometer?

The truth of the matter is that to make good candies or foods at the right temperature, a thermometer is a must. The cooking of high-quality candies requires very precise temperatures at very precise times. The inability to alter these temperatures when necessary will result in a poorly flavored or sticky candy or result.
In high-end candy thermometers, you are offered a series of features that will allow you to monitor temperatures for long periods of time. For example, these thermometers are able to be placed inside freezers and refrigerators, ensuring that you always realize how cold they are.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Kitchen Thermometer

On a purely visual level, all candy thermometers appear to be the same. They are, after all, fairly simple tools that allow you to monitor the temperature of what you are cooking. However, candy thermometers have some slight differences in their constructions that make all the difference in their functionalities. These differences serve to alter the accuracy of a thermometer, speed, and overall performance.

Type of indicator

Candy thermometers are equipped with one of two different types of indicators. These types of meters include digital and manual. Digital meters usually record much faster temperatures and are often more accurate than manual calibrators, which may take some time to show a final reading. In most cases, a digital indicator is a way to go.


While some candy thermometers are made of tough plastic, others are made of metal or glass. The type of material a thermometer is made of affects its ability to measure temperatures accurately and speed. Typically, a stainless steel thermometer is the most durable and reliable.


Depending on how you plan to use your thermometer, your shape can be a very important aspect to consider. If you are planning to use it for foods in which this will specifically have in getting it set properly, you have to analyze which is the appropriate thermometer to buy. Some thermometers are wide, long and are best maintained to measure temperatures in large bowls and pans. Others are thin, short and agile enough to enter hard-to-reach areas.


Probably the most important thing to consider when buying a candy thermometer is how accurate it is to calibrate the temperature. While some foods do not require accurate and accurate temperatures to prepare properly, others are very temperature sensitive. Normally, you will get more accurate readings of the thermometers with digital meters than with thermometers with manual indicators.

Duration and maintenance

The kitchen thermometer, for a long time, needs to be thoroughly cleaned after each use with soap and water. In case of particularly persistent residues, immerse the probe in boiling water for the time it takes to disinfect the dirt. After washing, dry the thermometer carefully before storing it, to avoid rust formation. To avoid running out of battery quickly, remember to turn off the thermometer at the end of the use. And don’t forget to replace the battery when necessary.


That’s all for now, folks. These are the best kitchen thermometer reviews in 2017. If you are going to cook and bake sweets or other sugar solutions, a candy or cooking thermometer is an absolute must. It’s as simple as that, plus trying to make candy without a candy thermometer will result in a sticky substance, or perhaps a little hard that is barely edible.
Safe, stable and reliable devices such as the TCN400 Professional Thermometer provide supreme accuracy consistently. Are you looking for a cooking thermometer to make a great caramel dessert every time you are in the kitchen? Then, be sure to invest in a candy thermometer or proper cooking. Thank you.