Best nail dryers for home use – UV and LED nail dryer reviews

Looking for the best nail dryers for home use? Read our best nail dryer reviews to have the best UV and LED nail dryer.

To all women, we like to have our nails painted and well arranged, just like they are from a beauty center. But, on the one hand, the pace of life today is very busy and we usually do not have time for anything and on the other, the costs of specialized and professional manicure are increasingly high. For this reason in the market exists a great variety of permanent enamels, semi-permanent and gel nails, as alternatives more durable than the normal and current enamels, but above all with the advantage that already can be done at home, if we also have a nail Dryer.
A professional hair dryer or lamp is a small electrical accessory that is used to make the work of the manicure, whether with permanent enamels, semi-permanent or gel nails, is perfectly well finished.

What is a nail dryer?

It is a device that depending on the model and capacity can quickly dry normal, permanent, semi-permanent or gel systems to achieve a perfect manicure that will last flawlessly longer.

Advantages of Nail Dryers

A lamp nail, as it is also known, offers many advantages and has become indispensable equipment in the manicure set. Let’s see the main advantages of nail dryers:
 After painting, reduces the possibility that the nails spoil by any movement or tripping.
 The hands will be enabled in less time to work again.
 They work on both hands and feet.
 Most designs are lightweight and compact.
 Depending on the system you can do your job only one minute.

How to choose the best nail dryer for a perfect manicure: UV or LED?

Main differences between UV and LED Lamps

It should be noted that both have the same function and offer good results. However, they differ in the following aspects:
 Price: Devices with ultraviolet light are generally cheaper than those with LED lights.
 Working time: LED lamps meet its target in seconds, and can take 30 or 90, while ultraviolet dryers can take up more than two minutes.
 The durability of bulbs: Ultraviolet need to be replaced so soon, meanwhile, LEDs have a longer life.
 Energy consumption: Ultraviolet light fittings require more energy to work, which could ultimately be more costly. Meanwhile LED lights are more efficient and environmentally friendly.
 Compatibility with glazes: Ultraviolet light is able to work with almost any type of gel, but with the LED is necessary that the enamel is specially formulated. However, this technology is so expanded and a wide range of products are available.

Why should you have a nail dryer?

Saving money and time in beauty salon visits is a compelling reason. However, we can also mention that your manicure will last for more than two weeks. Moreover, the investment in the equipment is not so high, they are efficient appliances that will give you an elegant look at your hands and that these are used by professional beauty centers and now you can have it also in your home.

Best nail dryers for home use – reviews and ranking of 2017

There are many models of nail dryers in the market, in both sizes and colors or shapes. If you are looking for a nail dryer that will help you get a great finish to the manicure, check out these listed models that we detail below.

MiroPure 36W UV LED Nail Lamp Manicure/Pedicure

Best nail dryers for home use
This is probably the best nail dryer for professional use in aesthetics. The power is its greatest strength and the operability of it makes it perfect for professional use. It has 36W of power and a superior technology that facilitates the work of nails, whether with the gel of sculpture, imitation of jewels, builder gel and more, fulfilling its function in minimum time.
This is an intelligent device that will adjust the power depending on the time setting and in turn self-protect from overheating by having holes to expel heat. The machine is equally effective and comfortable to work on both hands and feet with almost any type of enamel to which its light will not distort the color and leave beautiful nails. The device has two-year warranty, and although it is not the cheap, its price does justice to the advantages.

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NailStar&trade Professional LED Nail Dryer

UV and LED nail dryer reviews
One of the best nail dryers in the market. Its structure is designed in compact lightweight form and a method of highly functional use. This model has a useful timer. It is programmable in ranges of 30, 60 and up to 90 seconds, achieving the most efficient drying of both permanent and semi-permanent enamels. It also has a variation of 30 minutes to gel construction.
This nail dryer can make the work more efficient when working with high – end gels. You’ll love how easy it will get a bright nails smooth surface, reducing the time and ending with some nice hands without leaving your home. The piece is compact, lightweight and easy to move, it is also made of strong plastic, firm connectors and cables of good quality.

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Abody 9S 24W Nail Gel Polish Dryer

Abody 9S 24W Nail Gel Polish Dryer
The LED lamp is specially designed for applying gel systems or semi – permanent nail in acrylic nails, accelerating the drying process to leave a lasting flawless finish.
By having the LED lights distributed throughout the arc the device does its job quickly reaching all fingers evenly. And having a wide base allows you to place both hands at the same time, thus saving even more time.
It is so easy to use that after connected it, you only need to introduce the hand so that the equipment ignites and it will also turn off automatically after removing it or until the end of the 99 seconds timer
The equipment is available in pink, green and blue.

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NailStar 36 Watt Professional UV Nail Dryer

NailStar 36 Watt Professional UV Nail Dryer review
NailStar 36 Watt Professional UV Nail Dryer is the best Nail dryer for home use in terms of quality – price. It has a quick power level, two times ranges timer and the use is completely instinctive. This design has an invaluable versatility in use since you can use it both for drying of the fingernails and toenails, all without causing any problem.
Its versatility allows you to work with enamel semi -permanent, permanent or gel. On the other hand, the timer times are up to 180 seconds to set the color and dry completely. You can give a daily use, easy to use, robust, affordable, and apart is well referenced by users.

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Nail Varnish Dryer Blower

UV LED Nail Lamp Polish Machine with Gel Curing for Fingernail Toenail
It has a technology that sheds ultraviolet light and is able to dry almost any type of gel 50% faster than other similar. SUN 9C also works safely by protecting appliances, nails, eyes and skin because its LED light is whiter.
The device adapts according to the system you are applying. It allows you to program a time of 30 or 60 seconds, making a more efficient use of it.
The product is lightweight, portable, with elegant design and works in silence. It has a shelf life of up to 50,000 hours of life and its price is cheap considering the quality of the team that will receive.

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Abody 9C 24W Nail Gel Polish Dryer

Abody 9C 24W Nail Gel Polish Dryer
The brand Abody offers another model, less expensive but of equal quality. It provides security and quick to beautify your hands.
It has a sleek design and a button to activate the two timers available or turn off the device. However as highlights of the piece is the low consumption power and also implements the best technology LED and technology ultraviolet together. What differentiates this team from others is that it is designed for normal enamel or complete systems and being professional model fulfills its function fully.

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That’s all for now, folks. These are our selection of the best nail dryers reviews in 2017. If you are looking for the best LED or UV nail dryer, this list will help you find it. If you have any question or suggestion, do not hesitate to write us. Your suggestions will always help us to make this article better. Thank you for reading this.
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