Best Samsung Gear VR Games (Virtual Reality Games)

Discover the virtual reality with the best games for Gear VR. Here’s our selection of the best Samsung Gear VR games you can find at Oculus Store.

There are plenty of great games and experiences available on the Samsung Gear VR. Finding a great game inside the Oculus store can be a pain though, and that’s why we’re here for you. We have collected the best of the best, and have given you the details of each one. This means that you will not have to go in search of a great game, because you will already have the details. Let’s see the 10 essential games for Gear VR, and remember that you can also take a look at the top 5 controls for Gear VR to better play these games.
Best Samsung Gear VR games

The top 10 best games for Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality games

Proton Pulse

If you remember the classic game of Arkanoid you already have some idea that it is Proton Pulse. In this game you will use the head to move a virtual racket and a ball to rebound in the direction that you want in order to destroy all the blocks and overcome each level.
There is a great sensation of immersion, with vibrant graphics of neon and techno music that directly put you in a recreation of the 80. Perhaps the only drawback is that it only includes 3 worlds with 15 or 16 levels per world. You can do something short, but the game itself is tremendously addictive and entertaining.


Esper is a puzzle game set in the 60s and with an interesting proposal. People with telepathic abilities have emerged and the government has to train them. Between constant jokes from our interviewer, we will learn to move a ball through tubes to take it to its destination. The game will become increasingly complicated with inaccessible tubes, metal plates that block movement, etc. The game does not need control and we will control the ball “telepathically” by pressing the side pad. Esper has a demo at the Oculus store, and the full game costs $ 4.99.

Omega Agent

Probably the most technically accomplished game available today for Oculus as the first open-world VR Gear game. In Omega Agent you will climb a propulsive backpack and will tour the city in a series of spy training missions like finding the best routes to cross the city at full speed, to infiltrate underground secret bases or to destroy robotic enemies. Omega Agent requires a command to play it and costs $ 9.99.

Herobound First Steps and Herobound Spirit Champion

The two games of Herobound are a technical marvel, something that was expected to have been developed by Oculus. In Herobound, we control a little elf which will have to overcome numerous scenarios fighting with enemies, dodging their blows, solving puzzles and getting new weapons and objects that will allow us to access new levels. The game uses an isometric perspective making it very convenient to use in virtual reality. The graphics are the best available in Gear VR and only one step below the Omega Agent. The gameplay is very fun with a good mix of action and puzzles, although it requires a gamepad to play it. Best of all is that above both games are free.


Dreadhalls is probably the best horror game for virtual reality. If you have doubt, you only have to find videos of reactions to the game on YouTube. The game originally released in Oculus DK1 and has a magnificent version for Gear VR, retaining the graphic quality and the entire atmosphere that has made it famous. So if you want to pass fear or terrorize a friend, this is your game. Dreadhalls require a controller to play it and costs $ 4.99.


Probably one of the best puzzle games for Gear VR. In Darknet we will become a hacker that has to go with all the nodes of a Network until completely control it. The game is very comfortable to play in virtual reality since it only shows us the Network of nodes to hack. It also has enough content to keep us entertained for a long time, besides it does not require a controller to play it. Its only drawback is the price, $ 9.99 which makes it one of the most expensive games in the Oculus store.

VR Karts Sprint

The game of Viewpoint Games is the mobile version of VR Kart for Oculus. In this version, we can drive at full speed through 9 different circuits. It also has single player, championship and multiplayer modes to compete against our friends in virtual reality, the most fun of any game of Karts.
We can play in third or first person, something very thankful in a virtual reality game. And we will have to use weapons and power-ups with precision to gain positions in the race. VR Karts Sprint It costs $ 4.99 and requires a control to play it.

Keep talking and nobody explodes

In Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, we are trapped in virtual reality before a bomb and need the help of our friends to clear it. Our friends will have to tell us the steps indicated by the manual pump to clear it, which we’ll download from Internet.
The best thing about the game is that these people are not actually virtual and do not see the bomb. So we will have to coordinate properly and explain how the bomb is to help us deactivate it before it explodes. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is fun if you play with a group of friends, and you can get it for $ 9.99.

Temple Run VR

The classic Temple Run comes to virtual reality and the truth is that the change has seated him wonderfully. All the classic gameplay moves to Gear VR where we will run constantly while we are pursued by ill-humored apes to whom we have stolen the temple treasure.
The game gets an excellent atmosphere to immerse ourselves in a flight in which we jump to avoid falling into the void. We will crouch under fallen branches, we will change lane to avoid obstacles, that is, Temple Run pure and hard but in virtual reality, trying Always survive a little more until we make a mistake. Temple Run for Gear VR is free, so we do not lose anything to prove it.

Protocol Zero

Protocol Zero is a spy and stealth game in virtual reality and the truth is that it gets a very good immersion sensation thanks to simple scenarios but very well designed to give us the feeling of being a secret agent that has to infiltrate the base Enemy in the middle of darkness.
In Protocol Zero we press the pad to walk to markers and there we will have to choose the best path to dodge or kill our enemies with our pistol, being able to use bottles to mislead them and get ahead. It costs $ 4.99 and does not require a gamepad to play it.

That’s all for now, folks. These are our selection of the best Samsung Gear VR games. Do you want to know more about virtual reality? Check out our mobile virtual reality guide. And if you prefer Google Cardboard to Samsung Gear VR, remember that you also have available our guide to the 10 best games for Google Cardboard and our guide to the best 5 gamepads for Gear VR.