Best SD memory card for DSLR 4K video recording

Fast, reliable, powerful, generous and affordable: the SD memory card ideal for cameras should have all these features. Let’s see our selection of the top 10 best SD memory card for DSLR 4K video recording.

Year after year cameras are getting better and require more and more data transfer rates from SD cards! In this article we propose the best SD memory cards for DSLR 4K video recording, especially considering the speed of writing and reading of memory cards.
The latest cameras have features that can cripple SD cards and put them on strings! 4k video with very high frame rates like 120fps and very long photographic bursts need an SD card to keep up!
Are you looking for an SD card to use in your DSLR and would you like to have some advice on it? Have you already looked at some SD cards but do not know how to evaluate their technical features? Do not worry, if you have five minutes of free time I can give you one hand and help you choose the best SD memory cards for DSLR.

Which SD you should buy for DSLR cameras?

Let’s start by saying that there is no perfect SD card for everyone. Or rather, there are high-end SD cards that are suitable for all uses, but so expensive, then recording only a few HD videos or taking some photos would be an unnecessary waste of money. To understand what SD card is best suited to you and avoid spending more than you owe it, you have to carefully consider the camera model in your possession and, above all, the use you intend to do.
SD cards, in addition to having different storage capacities, also have read and write speeds of different data: features that determine card performance and delimit their potential usage scenarios (eg if they are suitable to video recording in 4K or less). If you want to know more and want to find out which SD buy for DSLR camera, read on: find everything explained below.

How to Choose an SD memory card for DSLR camera?

We just said SD cards are not all the same. But what are the technical features that need to be considered before purchasing one? Let’s find out immediately.

SD or MicroSD

The Reflexes use standard SD cards, but there are also good microSDs on the market that are supplied complete with SD adapter. Nothing prevents you from purchasing a microSD and using it in a Digital SLR camera using an adapter, but this could affect the card read and write performance. If you need high performance, for example to record videos in 4K resolution, buy a standard SD card or find confirmations about the fact that the SD adapter included in the microSD you are about to buy non-casters card performance (many Adapters stop at 30MB / s).
If you do not need high level performance, and in addition to DSLR, you want to use the card on devices such as smartphones or tablets, buy a microSD as well: you will save and you will find yourself with a multi-purpose card.

Storage capacity

The SD cards are classified with the letters indicating their storage capacity.
• The standard SD offer up to 2GB of space.
• The SDHC (SD High Capacity abbreviation) have 4-32 GB capacity.
• The SDXC (Extended Capacity SD stands for) may have a capacity from 64GB to 2TB.
For DSLR I recommend up to 32GB cards, but if you are not interested in the videos and just want to take photos, you could also be happy with a 16GB card.

Speed classes

The speed class of SD (and microSDs) is another very important factor that you should consider. Each class indicates the minimum speed with which the data on the card is written, and from this parameter it is understood what purpose a card can be used for.

Class 2 (C2)

It indicates SD with a minimum writing speed of 2 MB / s. These cards can only be used for basic operations, such as creating single-image or standard definition video. They are not suitable either for HD video production or for long photographic gusts.

Class 4 (C4)

It indicates SD with a minimum writing speed of 4 MB / s, which can also be used to produce HD and Full HD video (although it is preferable to limit the resolution to 720p).

Class 6 (C6)

It indicates SDs with a minimum write speed of 6 MB / s, which can be used quite smoothly for HD and Full HD video and medium-range photographs.

Class 10 (C10)

It indicates SD with a write speed of at least 10 MB / s. These cards are suitable for HD, Full HD and high-resolution photos.


These are the abbreviations that classify the SDHC and SDXC cards with an optimized bus for recording continuous data flows. The bus is the hardware component that manages the data exchange with the device. Cards of this type are thought to be ad hoc for recording high quality video and photos, which is what interests us in Reflex optics. The SD UHS-I provides a data transfer rate of up to 50MB / s to 104MB / s, which, compared to the UHS-II standard, guarantees a transfer speed of 156MB / s to 312MB / s (provided that DSLR is compatible with UHS-I and UHS-II standards).

U1 and U3

These are two abbreviations concerning UHS-I and UHS-II cards. They indicate, respectively, SDs that can provide a minimum data write speed of 10 MB / s to 30 MB / s. They are the most advanced cards you can currently find on the market, the ones you can use to make 4K video or capture more video streams in HD quality at the same time.

Video Speed Class

Starting from 2016, SD cards are also classified according to the minimum speed with which videos are recorded on them. V6 cards record video at 6 MB / s, V10 at 10 MB / s, V30 at 30 MB / s, V60 at 60 MB, or V90 at 90 MB / s. If you are planning to record videos in 4K resolution, purchase a V30 or higher class card.


This acronym is exclusively on microSDs that have been certified for use as main memory on Android devices. They provide 1,500 IOPS in reading and 500 IOPS in writing, but this should not be very important in terms of use with a DSLR or Reflex camera.
It should be emphasized that a single SD can have multiple classifications at the same time. Therefore, it is possible to find cardss reporting the speed class (eg Class 10) plus the technology used by the bus (eg UHS-II), the U1 / U3 parameters and the classification for the Video Speed Class (eg V30).
With this in mind, we can say that the most suitable SD memory cards for DSLR camera are the UHS-I and UHS-II type.

Weather resistance

If you intend to use your DSLR in pretty busy situations, it could make you feel comfortable with an SD card that can withstand weather. On the market there are many SD and microSDs that can withstand water, impact, extreme temperatures and X-rays. They cost a few Dollars more than those less resistant to weather, but I think the price difference is worth.

Best selling and top rated SD memory cards for DSLR video recording at 4K resolution

We already showed you Top 6 best microSD cards on which memory card to choose and with the top 6 best USB 3.0 flash drives. Now let’s go to the “practice” and see, together, some of the best cards currently on the market. I bet you will not even bother finding one for your camera. What is the best SD memory card for DSLR to record Full HD and 4K videos? Let’s discover together.

Lexar Professional 2000x

Best SD memory card for DSLR 4K video recording
For the ultimate professional range, for the best performance you can find on a memory card, we highly recommend this fantastic Lexar. This UHS-II U3, which is available up to a capacity of 128 GB, gives the speed of data transfer never seen before. Writing is able to surpass incredibly 200 MB per second, while reading is even better with a ghost of 300 MB per second. These speeds make it perfect for playback and recording of virtually any content.
You can use it to record Full HD, 4K and even 3D video as well as photos of any kind: it has virtually no limits. The compatibility is maximum, you will not find a professional camera of the latest generation that do not support it. Included in the purchase are photo recovery software and a USB adapter to connect this card to your PC.
Discover more and the price here

Transcend 32GB Class 10 SDHC UHS-II SD Card

Top rated SD card to record full HD UHD 4K videos with DSLR cameras
With a remarkable read speed of 285MB / s, writing speed of 180MD / s and capability up to 64GB, Transcend Ultimate allows photographers and video makers to capture unlimited RAW files and record in Full HD and 4K. The card is compatible with most of the devices in circulation. It is water resistant, freezing up to 25, and it has a longer lifetime thanks to the built-in MLC NAND chip.
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SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB SDHC UHS-I Card

best digital SLR camera memory card reviews
The SanDisk Extreme 16 GB is a SanDisk memory card with a writing speed of up to 40MB / sec, which delivers great performance in continuous shooting mode, and a read speed of 95MB / s for data transfer.
We tested this 32 GB SD card for cameras with an EOS 1000D and a Canon 550D and did not give any problems. This DSLR / Reflex camera memory card works well even when shooting, thanks to the UHS speed class 3, which allows you to shoot Full HD and 4K movies. So great value for money.

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Toshiba Exceria 64GB Micro SD Memory Cards UHS-I U3

how to choose the best sd memory card for DSLR camera 2017
Toshiba has never been renowned for its SD cards, but Exceria Pro has earned a place in this ranking! Ideal for 4K and Full HD recording, this is an SD card designed for extreme environments and is particularly suitable for sequential shots. Write speed is 221.9MB / if card capacity reaches 128 GB. Compatible with most commercial cameras and with a 5 year warranty is certainly a viable solution.
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SanDisk microSD EXTREME 32 GB

Best microsd memory card for dslr to shoot 4k videos
SanDisk microSD Extreme is the best 32GB micro SD memory card on the market. It is a great micro SD class 10 with SD adapter. It has a reading speed of 60MB / s of writing 40MB / s. With this SanDisk memory card you can record and play back movies in 4K and Full HD.
It is an SD card ideal for action cam, DSLR and reflex cameras. It has been designed to work even under extreme conditions and is watertight, impact resistant, high temperature and X-rays. This is probably the best microSD memory card for DSLR to shoot 4K videos. Don’t miss.

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Sony microSD 64GB

best 64GB microSD memory card for DSLR to shoot 4K full hd videos
Another best 64GB microSD memory card for DSLR to shoot 4K videos. Sony microSD 64GB is a micro SD memory card for DSLR and Reflex cameras. It has a write speed of 50MB / s and 95MB / s of transfer speed (superior to almost all other SD class 10 views above). This micro SD card is equipped with a SD adapter and is suitable for use with cameras compatible with SDXC and SDHC memory cards.
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Kingston Digital 64GB SDXC UHS-I Speed Class 3

Kingston Digital 64GB sd memory card
Ideal for professional HD photography and video, the Kingston 600X is an incredibly durable and versatile SD card. Waterproof, shock resistant and extreme temperatures, it has a write speed of 80MB / s. You can record movies in 4K and Full HD resolution. Featuring a lifetime warranty and available in ever-growing versions, it can contain thousands of images and hours of video footage.
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Samsung 64GB (U3) MicroSDXC EVO Select Memory Card

best samsung microsd card for DSLR cameras
The Samsung Pro is a microSD card with SD adapter that is compatible with UHS-1. We recommend you to buy the 64 GB or 128 GB version which has write speed of 100Mb / s. You will get a 10-year warranty and can record 4K videos, ensuring professional performance and unmatched functionality.
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Transcend R95

Best SD memory card for DSLR 4K video recording reviews buying guide
Remaining in the mid-market range, the cards that are suitable for professional use but not “top of range”, indicate the SD Transcend R95s belonging to the UHS-U3 Class 10 and promise speeds up to 95MB / s read and 60MB / S in writing. They are suitable for high-definition photography and 4K video, and can be purchased in 64, 128, and 256 GB formats.
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Delkin 64GB SDXC UHS-I / UHS-II (U3/V60) Memory Card

high performance SD card for videos
Looking for a high performance SD card for videos? Do not you have special budget limits? Then you could take a look at the 64GB SDXC Delkin that is classified as V60, UHS-II U3. Which means it is perfectly optimized for 4K video with 60 MB / s recordings, and even allows you to record multiple files at one time. It has a maximum read speed of 280MB / s, with a maximum writing speed of 100MB / s.
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In conclusion an SD card to be one of the best SD cards for cameras has to have a high writing speed.
That’s all for now, folks. these are our selection of the best SD memory card for DSLR camera to record videos in 4K and Full HD. And, don’t miss our selection of the top external SD card readers. Thank you.