Best universal remote app Android to control TV, game console and other devices

Do you have an Android smartphone with IR (infrared) integrated? Here are the best applications to make it a TV remote (and not only)!

One of the lesser appreciated features on an Android device is the IR blaster. This allows you to do a lot of things, but mostly it is used to control the TV. There are a variety of applications that are capable of this, but due to the number of televisions and set up there, you may have trouble finding a remote control that works for you. Let’s read our selection of the best remote TV apps for Android and at least one of them should work for you. If you want to buy a universal remote control, see our article here.

The best apps currently available on the Play Store to turn your Android (repeat, equipped with IR) into a universal TV remote control.

First of all, a warning: Even if your Android smartphone is equipped with IR it is not said that the listed software works (in some cases the applications themselves may be incompatible). Because it is due to a multitude of factors. So do not get angry in the case.
Best universal remote app Android to control TV game console
Another warning: often the smartphone manufacturers themselves pre-install their applications to control the TV (and not only), so if you try first with the official ones (if you do not pre-install try searching them in the Play Store).

Smart IR Remote – AnyMote

Smart IR Remote AnyMote Android app
Smart IR Remote is a go-to option for a lot of folks, no matter how expensive it is relatively speaking. It boasts support for over 900,000 more devices is added at a certain frequency. What makes this remote interesting is that it is not just for the televisions. You can also control CA or home appliances heating, digital SLR cameras, video game consoles, smart home furnishings, set top boxes, and more, than a dedicated layout of controls for each category depending on what it is. It works fairly well until the device is compatible and especially if you have a lot of smart devices. It is also available for iPhone.

SURE Universal Smart TV Remote

best tv remote app android SURE Universal Smart TV Remote
SUSRE Universal Smart TV Remote has made a name for itself over the last year as a solid option in the remote application department. Like Anymote, this has support for more than just a TV that works great if you have more intelligent home devices. You can also use Smart TV to stream things like photos and videos directly from your device to your TV. You can use the IR blaster on the device or WiFi to control things (assuming things connect to a WiFi network) and you can try it before you buy the full version.

Unified Remote

Unified Remote Android app 2017
Unified Remote is unique as it is used to control your computer. It supports PC, Mac, and Linux support and comes pre-loaded with support for a ton of features including a remote control so you can control things, a mouse and a keyboard so you can write and click things, and there is also included mirroring screen. This is great for those with HTPC outfits, Raspberry Pi devices, and Arduino Yun devices. The free version includes 18 free remote controls and most features with the paid version have over 90 remote controls, NFC support, Android Wear support, and more.

DroidMote Server (root)

best remote TV apps for Android
A valid paid app that works like an emulator for remote control of a TV or other device. The app requires root permissions. You can see it by activating the red button. After enabling, you will see your IP and the door to communicate with the key that in the meantime has become green.

Google Cast (Chromecast)

Top 10 Android remote control app 2017
Google spent most of the last few years perfecting the art of playing video, music and other media on the device and then be able to stream to the TV. You will need a Chromecast device to use the service, but there are a lot of applications that can take advantage of it. If you subscribe to a streaming service group, it is likely that at least some of them will be compatible and will be how to hold the handset and remote control in the same hand. The only downside is that Chromecast hardware will cost you a little more money than a simple application would do.


Roku android app
The Roku official application is an ideal application for anyone with a Roku. It allows you to tailor video content from your Roku channels and also acts as a remote control, allowing you to do things like rewind, fast forward, and more. You will not be able to control the TV as most remote applications, but if the volume is at the right level, then there is not much on the real TV that you need to control. If you have a Roku or are thinking of getting one, you should also have this.

Twinone Universal TV Remote

Twinone Universal TV Remote
Twinone IR Remote is an application specifically for controlling things through your IR blaster. It comes with a simple design that is rich in colors and easy to read for fast work distance. Twinone should work on most televisions and set top boxes. It also supports some additional infrared devices that do not fall into these categories. For the time being, the only warning is that this is supported by advertising and there is a paid version on the market at the time of writing this to get rid of them. However, developers have said they are working on this. Until then, at least, it’s totally free and without in-app purchases.

Official Xbox App

Xbox Android app for control tv
The official Xbox app is a bit like the official Roku application or Google Cast. You will be able to interact with your Xbox device and do things like sending messages to Xbox Live, controlling the activity feed of your friends and of course you can also control your Xbox. The remote control lets you play and pause content, move on screen, make selections, and interact with some gameplay. It’s pretty much useless if you do not have an Xbox, but it’s virtually compulsory if you do.

Yatse: Kodi remote control and cast

Yatse Kodi remote control and cast android app
Yatse is a remote code application (formerly known as XBMC). It will allow you to control Code, pause and play things, change the volume, and move the interface as you see fit. You can also download stuff for your offline display, use it on Android Wear, and save your device configurations to the backup cloud. There are also Muzei extensions and DashClock if you use those extensions. It’s a great application and one of the few remote-skilled applications for those who use Code.

If you have an IR smartphone (and you do not want to use any official IR application of the manufacturer) with one of these applications you should be able to turn your Android into a TV remote control (and not only). If you know other themed apps, let us know the names in the comment section below. I will evaluate them and put them in quoting for help. Ah! If you enjoyed this article share it thank you.