Top 10 best Google Cardboard games Android

Discover the virtual reality with the best Android games for Google Cardboard. Here we present the top 10 best Google Cardboard games Android.

Google Cardboard is the project of Google to bring virtual reality to the masses. This is an incredibly simple helmet made of cardboard but that serves to give us an idea of how this technology is. There are many helmets derived from this idea, some already of a certain quality which further improves the experience, but still, have their limitations. For more details, we recommend our guide to virtual reality where we deepen on how virtual reality works and what are the best virtual reality helmets mobile.
Top 10 best Google Cardboard games Android
One of the advantages of Cardboard is that it has many applications and games available. However, this has a disadvantage. There is a lot of low-quality software, so it is difficult to distinguish what is worth and what is not. Therefore, we have created this guide with the top ten Android games for Google Cardboard and solve these doubts.

We leave you with those who from our writing consider the best games for Google Cardboard:

Titans of Space

In spite of flying a spacecraft, Titans of Space is more an educational experience than a game in itself. We will travel the universe and will be surprised with the proportions of our planet in comparison with the rest of stars of the galaxy. In any case, the best thing is that we will find it in Google Play for Cardboard.
This game makes learning about our universe a fascinating experience. Look out from our ship and see the land in front of the Sun in the distance is absolutely spectacular, which together with the extraordinary ambient music creates a unique experience.

Proton Pulse

The classic game of Arkanoid but successfully transferred to virtual reality, and certainly one of the essential games for Google Cardboard. Use your head to move a small virtual racket where the ball will bounce. You will have to destroy all the blocks of each level to overcome it.
The sensation of immersion is very achieved, thanks to its simple graphics with vibrant neon colors blinking accompanied by techno music. And they really manage to create the sensation of being inside a recreational of the 80s. The game itself is incredibly addictive and with levels very well designed. Essential.

Chair In A Room

Chair in a Room places us in a room. At first, we will be able to observe our surroundings until the lights start to blink. And then … you better check it for yourselves, but you will not be disappointed. Chair in a Room does not require any command. Just have the guts to endure the full experience without closing your eyes or launching the Google Cardboard by the air (with our expensive phone inside) of pure fear.


This game has been one of the most successful games for Google Cardboard, achieving no less than 100,000 downloads, making it probably the most downloaded virtual reality horror game. And its developer Otherworld is already working on the sequel of the game.
Sisters is a ghost story where we will find ourselves in a haunted house and we will have to discover what is the story of the two sisters, while slowly we observe as we are not alone in the house. In this case, the game takes advantage of virtual reality to know where we look and react accordingly, giving us tremendous scares.


What better than to experience new virtual worlds with a game in which our ability to endure the vertigo is tested. Caaaaardboard is the best game for this. It will put you in the position of having to jump from very tall buildings from which you can suffer serious consequences. You earn points as you make some of those moves that could be recorded for YouTube, or even when painting buildings. A very fun game that gets a tremendous sensation of vertigo in virtual reality.


FPSE is the Playstation emulator available on Google Play. In addition to being one of the best emulators of this console, FPSE has included a mode where we can use the emulator with Cardboard. In this case, the only thing we will see is the game on a black background, and move the head does nothing. However, the great advantage is to play on a giant screen, compared to playing on a small screen of mobile. Logically we will have to use a Bluetooth control to use it.


Again we continue with emulators, and in this case, PPSSPP is the Sony PSP emulator. PPSSPP is an extraordinary emulator and makes playable on our mobiles a large part of the games of that console. It also has a Cardboard mode very similar to FPSE, where we can see the game on a black background as a giant screen. PPSSPP will need an external Bluetooth control.

Nighttime Terror VR

Night Time Terror reminds us a bit about the classic Smash TV of Super Nintendo since we will fight against hordes of enemies from an isometric perspective. We will move our little magician on the stage with the left stick while with right we will shoot the enemies to overcome them. This is a very fun game and the aesthetic is quite interesting, combining a gloomy atmosphere with a children’s room.

Lamper VR

Lamper VR can not be simpler. We are a small bee going through an infinite tunnel, where we will have to move our heads to direct our bee and dodge spinning stones, spikes and all kinds of objects and enemies that rise through the tunnel as we collect candy along the way.
Lamper has neither the best graphics nor very complex levels, but what he does is to be very addictive. You will always want to throw “just one more game”, to see if you can get further than last time. Also, the 3D effect is very well achieved, and being graphically simple, works great on almost any phone.

Vanguard V

Vanguard V is a game of Zero Transform LLC, the same author as Proton Pulse, which already allows us to glimpse a quality game. In this case, Vanguard V is not a complete game but a demo, yet it is the best we can try for Cardboard. In Vanguard V we will direct a wick through the space, which we will move with our head to go dodging obstacles. At the same time, we will select our enemies to launch the missiles automatically and to destroy them.

That’s all for now, folks. These are our selection of the best Google Cardboard games Android. Are any of your favorite games not mentioned here? Tell us which ones you think are the best games for Google Cardboard in comments.