Best Laser Printer Reviews: Laser Printer Buying Guide

Are you looking for a high-performance printer and fully capable of printing a large amount of documents with excellent results? Read our best laser printer reviews to have the best laser printer.

Although inkjet printers had made great strides in recent years, identify the best laser printer is very important for those seeking an economical, fast and effective printer. And the best laser printers of today are much more economical, quiet and take up less space, so as to fit perfectly not only in office but also at a location of domestic work. Therefore, for those who do not want to “waste time” and prefer to have undergone the best laser printers, we have identified the best and top rated laser printers. Read our best laser printer reviews to have the best and top rated laser printer. Enjoy the reading.

Best laser printer buying guide

When you need to print a large amount of documents at a pace rather sustained, the laser printer is definitely preferable than inkjet. Moreover, times have changed and this type of product is not intended only to the offices. Laser printer is also suitable for home use. However, now many economic, compact and beautiful printers are available to be seen to exploit all the advantages of laser printing (or LED) directly from home. We assure you that there’s something for all tastes. But, before making the top laser printers list, let’s learn their technical characteristics.

Print in black and white or color

This is a choice that depends entirely on your requirements, as well as from your finances since the color laser printers are more expensive than monochrome. In principle, laser printers are more suitable for the production of documents in b / n rather than color illustrations, but in recent times have made several steps forward and provide very good level results with color images.

Weight and size

The inkjet printers, even the most advanced and complete in the functional point of view, are always quite compact. But the laser printer is not. There are several models, and some of them are very bulky (and very heavy). So, please, carefully analyze the size and weight of a printer before a new purchase.

Standard or multifunction printer

Laser printers, as well as those inkjet, can be multifunctional. With multifunction term defines a printer that includes a scanner, copier offers the functions and in some cases also integrates fax.

Print speed, resolution and RAM

Perhaps, for home use, you will not need a printer with exceptional performance. However you should take into account parameters such as print speed (expressed as the number of printed pages per minute), the RAM (the higher the amount of memory in the printer and, in general, the faster the printing process) and the print resolution (which is expressed in dpi, dots per inch). To underline that many laser printers offer the opportunity to expand the RAM. In multifunction it needs to also consider the resolution scans (also expressed in DPI).

Wireless connectivity

Unless you have the possibility to connect your printer to your computer (or router), be sure to buy a printer with wireless support, which then can be used by all wireless devices connected to the local network. As well as support for Wi-Fi networking standard, laser printers can also withstand the Wi-Fi Direct technology that allows to connect two devices (in this case the printer and PC) without having a router to act as an intermediary. Also assess the support for cloud printing technologies, such as Google Print, or Apple AirPrint that allow you to control the printing of documents remotely via PC, smartphone or tablet.

LED printers

Some printers are referred to as “LED” instead of “laser”. In reality it is the most advanced laser printers that have no moving parts to maintain alignment (laser, driving mirrors or focusing lenses) and light directly to the printer drum using thousands of LED solid-state light sources. This, in strictly practical terms, allows you to have an average of more compact printers, durable and faster than traditional lasers (which are still very reliable).

Maximum monthly duty cycle

Manufacturers of laser printers indicate a “maximum monthly duty cycle” that these devices can provide. This is the number of pages that the printer can handle in a month. If you need to make a huge amount of prints, make sure the printer you’re buying “can withstand” the workload you’re going to entrust.

Front / rear automatic and ADF

The front or rear automatic is a function that allows you to print on both sides of a sheet without manually turning the sheet. The ADF is a component that may be present in the scanner of multifunction printers and automatically loads the sheets in the latter. If you need these features, carefully check their presence in the printer that you’re going to buy.

Energy consumption

Printers, if used intensively, can weigh in an important way on the electricity bill. Before you buy one, then, be sure that its energy consumption is not excessive.

Below you will find, in fact, the best laser printers we met during our best laser printer reviews. Choose the one that interests you.

Brother HLL6200DW Business Laser Printer

best laser printer reviews
The market is dominated by four or five houses that vie for the title of best brand of laser printers. Brother is one of them. The Brother HL-L5200DW laser printer offers a compelling mix of high-speed printing, above-par text, good paper handling, a wide-range of connectivity choices, and low running costs. This combination of features and performance makes it a great value and an easy selection as Editors’ Choice.
Paper handling is one of its strengths. An auto-duplexer, for printing on both sides of a paper, comes standard. You can print maximum 50,000 pages per month, pegging it for up to heavy-duty use. Standard paper capacity is 300 sheets, between a 250-sheet main tray and a 50-sheet multipurpose feeder.

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HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553n

Top rated laser printers at Amazon
Among the best laser printers on the market, the HP LaserJet Enterprise M553 qualifies as the best laser printer of 2017 in our best laser printer reviews. It fits perfectly to the needs of a small to medium sized office, or evolved domestic audience. It is a color laser printer capable of giving excellent print quality, the significant speed at a more than affordable price.
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HP LaserJet Pro 200 Printer M276nw

laser printer buying guide 2017
The HP LaserJet Pro 200 Color MFP M276nw is a multifunction laser printer that combines printing, copying, scanning faxing and guarantees of 14 pages per minute with print speed of up to 600 DPI. It supports wireless printing with HP ePrint and Apple AirPrint, while its 3.5 inch touch screen display allows access to different functions and makes use of very simple and intuitive printer. You can also take advantage of mobile printing options that enable your team to print from smartphones or tablets from virtually anywhere. Beautifully designed, this HP also includes a memory of 256 MB, while the input tray holds up to 150 sheets. If you are looking for a powerful and compact laser printer, this HP is the perfect choice for you.
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Samsung Xpress SL-M2070FW

Best multifunctional laser printer
Samsung offers a solid and sturdy machine that can well serve small and medium-sized offices or to allow you to work from home with agility. It supports A4 and lower size, is a multi-function with a good resolution scanner that allows you to print multiple copies of a document by pressing a few intuitive buttons and easy to read.
Printing is fast and reliable. It reaches 21 pages per minute and is also perfect for producing large documents. The drawer for storing paper has a capacity of 150 sheets so as to have a good margin of use without creasing.
Fully satisfies the expectations of users who have purchased simply because this printer is keeping its promises and offers excellent features albeit at an affordable price and proportionate to a household or a small company.

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Brother MFCL2700DW Compact Laser All-In One Printer

Top laser printers 2017
Brother MFCL2700DW ensures reliability and leading technology for the home or for a scope of work content. In particular, this model offers four essential functions in the office, in addition to printing and copying, you can scan documents and send faxes. The number of commands and related buttons multiplies on the front control panel, but the use still remains fairly intuitive and simple although backlit display may not seem at times to read. It is equipped with upper carriage to the internal power supply, so as to streamline operations sending faxes, scans or copies. Equipped with wireless technology, it is able to interface with all the devices connected in the same network.
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Samsung Xpress SL-M2835DW

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Create crisp black-and-white prints from your smartphone or tablet using the Xpress M2835DW Printer from Samsung. The printing speed is even 28 PPM. The quality is always very high and is of course equipped with wi-fi. You can also print from smartphones and tablets. This model comes with front / rear automatic. It is also equipped with an echo function to save toner when printed. I think this printer has everything needed to be considered the best black and white laser printer for quality / price ratio. Speed, quality, wifi and front and rear automatic. If these are your requirements you will not be disappointed certainly.
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Canon Lasers imageCLASS LBP151dw

Best Wireless Monochrome laser Printer
The Canon ImageClass LBP151dw is a monochrome laser printer at a very affordable price. It is small enough to be a good fit for a micro or hoome office. This laser printer has the wired and wireless connections needed for networked use, but it’s also a good fit as a personal printer attached to a single computer. It has good speed for its price and prints above-average text, and offers enough features.
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We have reached the end of this long article. Eventually, we hope that now you have clear ideas about laser printers. Now you’re ready to make your decision and purchase your new multifunction laser printer. It is an important purchase since we are not talking about a few dollars, then evaluates well what are the features that interest you and which ones you can do without. No doubt with a little ‘more experience in the field you would not have needed our help. But we hope to have made your game and have helped you in your choice.
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