Best LED torch light | rechargeable LED flashlight reviews

We invite you to read our best rechargeable LED flashlight reviews to have the best LED torch light to eliminate darkness around you.

The best led torch light is very useful in many circumstances. How many times at home did we find that due to a lack of electricity we have to turn on candles and use old pocket torches that are often exhausted? Now it’s time to rebuild and buy the latest torches, the LED torch light. Thanks to the development of technology and above all the possibility of increasing its use in many products, today it is possible to use technology even for torches, LED torches precisely. It looks like a normal torch, which we have in all houses, but it has an important peculiarity. It does not have a common incandescent light bulb but in its place, we find the Light Emitting Diode (LED). Let’s read our best rechargeable LED flashlight reviews and choose the best LED torch light for your needs.

Top rated rechargeable LED torch light reviews 2017

The LEDs will replace the incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps because the use of a LED light source has many benefits. Besides maintenance, they have a very long service life and the colors are saturated and the beam of light will be clean because they have no IR and UV constituents. They are also low voltage so they are ideal for safety and do not undergo any changes with humidity or vibrations. LED torches today represent the future as well as all the advantages we have also listed because the future will be understood as ecological. In the following paragraphs, we will go further in details of the LED lighting, especially of the LED torches.

Olight R20 Javelot Review

Olight R20 Javelot Review Best LED torch light
This is probably the best LED torch light for your needs. The torch is designed with a micro-usb port for recharging the 18650 mAh Lithium battery provided. A special indicator above the door indicates the charge status.
R20 Javelot has low voltage battery warning by indication light. When battery voltage is lower than 3.0V, the indicator light turns red then turn off to inform you that the light needs to be charged.
With its compact and elegant design, it has an aluminum body that makes it light and resistant at the same time. It generates a light emission of 900 lumens and has three levels of brightness, reaching a distance of 314 meters. It is resistant to water and can therefore also be used when it rains.

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Olight S30R II 1020 Lumen Baton rechargeable LED Flashlight

best rechargeable LED flashlight reviews
How to Choose a Good Powerful Led Torch? After making a comparison with many other models, our choice falls on the Olight, which thanks to the 1020 lumens, allows you to illuminate with great effectiveness an outside environment. It is a model that strikes for the mix of size, handling and performance offered. The charging base, the strong point of this torch, is included in the package as it also comes with a USB port for simultaneously charging another device. The adhesive provided allows it to securely attach to any surface. The torch also has a magnetic base that allows it to safely adhere to the charging station and not to fall. The red light indicates when the battery charge is running out. Also, the presence of five levels of brightness plus the strobe mode that make the torch complete and versatile.

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LED Lenser 9407 P7.2 Pro Torch Black Gift Box

Top rated professional led torchlight
Zweibrüder has made a torch that falls into our buying tips because it is of great quality and can be purchased at a reasonable price.
It is pocket-sized and therefore can be transported comfortably anywhere. Unlike other torches that are even more expensive, it has a substantial endowment as it comes with a valuable case for safe storage, a wrist strap so you can always use it quickly, the belt clip, and even the four batteries needed to power it.
Among the best-selling models online, it is made of aluminum and therefore is solid, durable and shock proof.
The light is not particularly powerful – 320 lumens – but the beam is, however, wide, deep and homogeneous. Thanks to the patented Speed Focus system, focus is done with one hand and in a quick and easy way.

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ThorFire C8s Flashlight 900 Lumens Waterproof LED Torch Light

ThorFire C8s Flashlight 900 Lumens Waterproof LED Torch Light
ThorFire C8s is one of the best-selling in the market because it combines good performance with an unbeatable price. If you do not want to spend a lot without sacrificing quality, take a look.
It is a complete model thanks to the five lighting modes – including strobe – between which to choose, and even quite powerful with its 900 lumens. The advantage is that it can be used outdoors for the most diverse activities and to effectively illuminate not just a point but an entire area. It’s easy to use because you just press the button several times to switch from one type of lighting to another. Thanks to the rough handle, it guarantees a firm and comfortable fit. The aluminum construction is lightweight and, at the same time, durable.

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Fenix PD35 Tac 1000 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight

Fenix PD35 Tac 1000 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight
This LED torch light is best for the remarkable visual field. It is a pocket size torch light but has a higher performance and focuses on tactical employment. Its outdoor mode offers six different intensity of the light beam (8 – 60 – 200 – 500 – 1000 – Strobe 1000 lumens), allowing visibility up to 200 meters. With the tactical button you can quickly select one of the main light modes.
The Intelligent memory circuit maintains the last power level selected. It has a black anodized aluminum body with anti-abrasive finish, while the lens is ultra-transparent tempered glass with anti-reflection treatment. This bundle includes two EdisonBright CR123A lithium batteries.

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Best 007 XML T6 Tactical Portable Waterproof Zoomable Adjustable Focus Flashlight

Best 007 XML T6 LED 5 Modes 1000 Lumen Ultra Bright Tactical Portable Waterproof Zoomable Adjustable Focus Flashlight
This Best 007 LED torch is also turns out to be a very good buy thanks to its lighting power. The five different switch modes allow you to choose the light beam you want to project by pressing the button on the body. It also has the perfect zoom function to make areas visible at some distance when hiking or camping.
The aluminum body has a knurled base that makes the grip more stable and reduces the chance of slipping the torch from the hands. In any case there is also a strap to tie it to the wrist and an adapter to mount on the bicycle to keep it always ready when you are around.
The battery is rechargeable but also has an adapter for inserting AAA batteries if needed.

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Why buy a led torch?

LED torches are products that are optimally suited for use in many situations. They are widely used in unreachable environments, such as woods or rural areas. These are items that are part of the kit that is in use with forest guards. Also law enforcement and sworn guards make use of it when there is a need to move in the dark to control noises or suspicious areas.
But it’s not just the professionals who use the LED stack. In fact it’s a very useful object to keep it home, to use if you jump off the current and have to go and reactivate it by moving home in the dark. To have a helping hand will make a difference if you stay in the night or in poorly lit areas.

Features of the Best LED Torch

To go buy the best led flashlight you need to know the main technical features that are relevant to this type of product.
The most important are the magnitude and the lumens, which will affect the handling, but also the power and type of lighting that will affect the yield at the time of use. Let’s see together the aspects you should never miss to evaluate before buying.


The power of the LED lamps is evaluated based on the lumens. These are indicating the amount of light produced. To give you an idea, I make some practical examples:
• A 100 Watt incandescent bulb corresponds to a 1600 lumens led.
• If you are looking for a flashlight that is not too powerful, one of 1 to 14 lumens will do yours.
• Those with values between 15-59 are good for lighting an indoor environment, but they are ineffective outside.
• Between 60 and 149 lumens is good even in outdoor environments.
• Lamps with values between 150 and 299 lumens are those that are optimally suited for use in campsites or similar situations.
• Torches with values between 300 and 699 lumens are suitable for lighting an entire soccer field.
• In addition to the 700, there are very powerful lamps.


The LED torch sizes are varied and ranging from smaller models to larger ones. Certainly the size to choose is closely related to the use you are planning to make. In fact, if you need a product that you can carry and keep in your pocket, you should choose one that is not too big. On the market there are many variants to choose from.


Not too heavy LED torches are a great choice for those looking for practicality. A product not too heavy will allow it to be better used, which will not be obstructed by excessive weight. There are professional torch models that combine high-performance compactness. I remember that the weight is mainly influenced by what kind of material used to make them, for which plastics or composites can be used, anodized aluminum, stainless steel or titanium. The choice is really very wide.

Charging mode

LED lamps can be recharged, once their battery is exhausted, in many ways. You can either move or position the torch on its charging base, if it is present, or there are also models that reload via USB socket connections. The more traditional versions are those that use an external charger, where to place the battery itself to recharge it (very often AA and AAA type batteries are used). You can find all the information about the refilling method you can find on the product data sheet. Choose what is most practical for you, which will allow you to always have your torch ready to be used.


Water resistance is an important feature that must always be present in the LED torch. This value is indicated by the IPX name. The best models are those that have one that is at least 7. To give you an idea you need to know that an IPX4 is a splash proof object, but it would not withstand if it was immersed in water. The 7 allows it to be immersed, up to 1 m deep and no more than 30 minutes. IPX8, the most popular, allows a dive for up to 4 hours at a depth of one meter.

Light type

The lights produced by the LED lamps can be of various types. The light temperature distinguishes them in models that produce warm light and others that emit another neutral. This is measured in Kelvin; when between 2600K and 3500K we talk about hot white lights, if between 3500K and 5000K we speak instead of neutral white. The cold white is in the light above the 5000K.
If you are looking for a torch to the technical led then you have to choose between those that emit colored light, which you can get using also specific filters to position over its lens.

LED torch models

The types of torch with LED light, which are commercially available, are really of many types. It goes from the classic ones that produce a frontal light, and then goes to the underwater and rechargeable models. There is another difference between the professional versions, which reach up to military models and those that produce powerful lights, beyond 700 lumens. To choose the model that best suits your case, you need to get to know each of these models that you will find commercially available.

Front flashlight

This is the torch model that lends itself to multiple situations. The front LED torch can be used, for example, during nighttime outings, but even if you decide to go for a run in a poorly lit area or for a MTB race. Also in the practice of skiing and mountaineering this product is a great application.
This type of product should be placed on the helmet or body and will allow you to have your hands free and have a perfect view of the area in front of you. Usually they can adjust the beam of light that can be more deeply oriented or even sideways.

Underwater torch

On the market you will also find torches that can also be used underwater. To choose the model that best suits your use, it is essential that you evaluate the level of IPX, which affects its impermeability.
Torches can usually be immersed at no more than a meter depth and for a time varying between 30 minutes (for those with IPX7 value) and 4 hours for IPX8 lamps. You will find this value easily, listed among those that are the technical features of the product, which appear in your listing.

Rechargeable Torch

It is important that the torches can be recharged so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible. The best models are those that have a lithium-ion battery inside them. These can be easily recharged by attaching them to the charger.
Depending on the adapters present, you also have the opportunity to recharge them using the jacks on the car. The best torches are those that have reduced times to get a full recharge. In addition to charging times always remember to check also the autonomy of the product you chose. They are technical data that always appears on the sheet of each product.

Cree led torch

It is a type of lamp made of innovative materials. For their production, products such as silicon carbide are used, which enable the performance of classical LED lamps to be enhanced.
In addition to the quality of the materials they also offer energy efficiency and respect for the environment. Cree was the creator of the blue lamps in 1989, and deals with lighting products in large environments.
Today, this company deals with designing both the light source and the surrounding light, from the torch to the ceiling lamp, named The Edge, which allows to dissipate heat and optimize the power of lumens. Cree products are, in addition to being efficient, also pretty nice to see and elegant.

Professional torches

Although usually when thinking about LED torches you think about something domestic, there is also a professional version. This is distinguished by the most important technical features, such as light power, for lumens, much larger than classic models.
Professional models are, in fact, those that are used, for example, by forestry guards or sworn guards, which must have characteristics that do not leave the ace who is using them, just when they need it most. As special products sometimes have a higher cost than classic variants.

Military LED torches (tactics)

A particular type of LED torch is tactical or military. These are products that are born with the precise function of being mounted on a gun or rifle. In order to position them, they must be mounted on specific guides that can either be screwed or tightened around the barrel.
These guides are sold separately and are marketed in some different types, suitable for all weapons. The light produced by these torches allows you to illuminate in depth to highlight and make visible the area to be hit.

Powerful and powerful torch

If you are looking for a powerful product that allows you to illuminate very large areas, you can use a torch that has some power. The led torches defined as powerful and potent are those that have a value in lumens, ranging from 150 to 700 lumens.
To give you an idea, values ranging from 150 to 299 lumens, are suitable for use in camping lighting, when outside light is not optimal. Between 300 and 699 lumens, the lamps can illuminate an entire soccer field. Those with lumens that exceed 700 are even more powerful, so think about when vast can be the area they could lighten.
These torch models are those designed for those who really need a certain level in terms of area amplitude to be illuminated, so quite different from classic models.

Mini LED torch

These are torch models that say pockets are the most accurate expression. They are made from very small dimensions, which are inside a palm of a hand, but that are not therefore inferior quality products compared to the classic versions.
In fact, they also achieve 120 lumens, suitable for lighting both indoor and outdoor environments. They are also waterproof, but they also play a small weight, which keeps them always in your pocket or purse, without even knowing their presence. They usually work using disposable batteries.

Benefits of a led torch

Pulling the line on a particular product such as a led torch, it is worth highlighting those that are the many advantages.
The first and perhaps the reason why they are used more often is that related to sudden interruptions of the electrical connection, which make it necessary to have a light beam to locate the cause or reactivate a missed lifesaver.
Even in a car it is important to have one available and it is even more if you are a camping lover when you will be unable to see in the darkness around you.
The advantages of LED lamps are not just for ordinary citizens, but also for law enforcement, who use them, in addition to ensuring the safety of the population, even in investigations, in order to be able to inspect more thoroughly even the less accessible areas.