Best GPS Running App For iPhone – FREE DOWNLOAD

In this list you will find the best GPS running app for iPhone. No matter what you practice, sure to find the application that best suits you and your lifestyle.

Following the classification of the best GPS watch for running, discover today a selection of the best GPS running app app for iPhone.
Best GPS Running App For iPhone free download
A GPS watch for running gives you detailed information about your workouts. You can measure your journey times and race distances. You can also measure the time of intervals between walking and the race. Like this, a simple GPS running app for iPhone can also record your sports activities. The best GPS running app for iPhone uses the GPS functionality of your device and turns your iPhone into GPS stopwatch, and a personalized coach. A GPS app can track your training by GPS: record time, distance, calories burned, speed and more. It displays the current position and route on the map. It can provide statistics like the table of rhythm and graphics for pace, altitude, speed and heart rate.

Read our best iPhone GPS app for runners review and choose one (or more) that suits your needs. All of them are free to download.

Runkeeper – Track Running with GPS

RunKeeper is one of the most popular fitness apps for iPhone. The app uses GPS to create a map of an autonomous static map in order to collect information on the daily workout in order to establish a personalized training program.
You can also take advantage of a virtual coach in RunKeeper to see how to improve the travel time with a specific training program and send encouraging messages during ‘execution.
RunKeeper is not just for runners, you can also set walks, count steps, bicycle excursions, canoeing, skiing and more. It should be good for any sport in a displacement path. The fitness classes have always a goal and you can choose to train to run a marathon or just to lose weight. The programs are created by an experienced and used by the community for training and to motivate each other.

Runtastic GPS Running, Jogging and Fitness Tracker

This is one of the best known and most complete apps for athletes. Runtastic is an app that pretends to be a “personal trainer” virtual to do all kinds of sports or outdoor activities. Through the platform both mobile and from a computer you can track and analyze your training statistics. Its operation is relatively simple and its accuracy and functions are complete. It is not only an app for runners, also you can set for your cycling, motorcycle, or other physical activities like basketball, aerobics, diving, treadmill, climbing, skiing, golf, hiking, tennis, yoga, etc.

5K Runner: 0 to 5K Run Trainer

5K Runner allows you to devise a training plan where you will be recording the time of your walking and running in each session, so that for several weeks, reach the goal of running 35 minutes of pull and power and reach 5 kilometers or more. Each day you will be serving a specific goal with the calendar (which is fully closed). As the application does not use your smartphone sensors (a fault in our opinion), you have to go adding everything you do every day. However, while you walk or run, the application will notify you via audio messages, the time when you must stop or change of pace.

adidas Train & Run

Adidas Train & Run is an app that includes personalized training plans for different sports categories, but is particularly focused on running and training. It is available for (App Store, Android, Windows Store) mobile devices and online. You can get targets to motivate in training, from losing weight to prepare a marathon! The same app will tell you how you’re doing and let you know that you lower or increase your pace and / or intensity of training.

Running, Walking and Biking with Endomondo

Endomondo is another most popular app for workouts, integrated with Facebook, mainly used for motion outdoor sports like running, cycling, hiking. It is based on the GPS to track routes and count the mileage and travel time. It can also be used indoors to the gym for training, fitness and treadmill.
Furthermore, Endomondo is more than an app for sports. This is a social network of athletes. If you go to your home page you will find a timeline that is updated every second with the activity that other users are doing, whether they are running, walking or by bike.

Nike+ Run Club

Running Nike for iOS is a very accurate and functional app for those who want measuring the time and kilometers of running and cycling events. Its interface is very beautiful, simple and easy to use, without a doubt one of the clearest you’ll find in this area.
Nike was among the first companies that took seriously the personal statistics for all those lovers of running. In fact, he developed the first system with the company of Tim Cook to count steps more effectively with a device that is placed on the floor of the shoe.


Fitbit is an application that is responsible for performing track your progress by measuring the distance you travel, the calories burned and some other things. You can synchronize this free application with bracelets of activity of the same company. To motivate you, the application will send automatic notifications when you’re about to achieve your goals, and when the scope. It is also responsible for food log so you can see the amount of calories that you have consumed a day and can control your weight at all times. You can compare your results with your virtual friends.

Cyclemeter GPS

Cyclemeter GPS is for those who like cycling and have an iPhone. It has everything you need to carry all the record of your activity on two wheels. The function GPS lets you know your route and register, which also serves for the most prepared athletes. It gives you the possibility to export the route you’ve done in GPX, KML and CSV formats by email to have your way with any GPS. You can also create your own library with your routes. So, if you frequent one in particular, you’ll beat your records.

So far, this is our particular collection with some of the best GPS running app for iPhone. Remember that these apps just need a little space at home or go out to the countryside to enjoy nature while you get in shape. Are you ready to give the best of you?